Disciplined Agile

Intake Work

This is how a team pulls in work from their "upstream" stakeholders. The incoming work is examined and if ready it is prioritized and put on the team's work backlog.

To be effective, we need to consider several important questions:

  • When are we going to accept any new work?
  • Is the request work ready for us to accept?
  • How are we going to prioritize work?
  • Who will prioritize the work?
  • What types of work needs to be prioritized?
  • How are we going to manage work items?
2021 Project Management Institute Intake Work v5.2 Consider New Work Continuously During iteration Future iterations Never Accept Work Determine readiness Disaggregate large item Explore work item Hand back work item Prioritize Work (What) New functionality Defect/bug Technical debt removal Experiment Learning opportunity Prioritize Work (Who) Product owner Business analyst Product manager Change control board (CCB) Active stakeholder participation Architecture owner On-site customer The team Prioritize Work (How) Customer value Class of service Cost of delay Dependency Due date First in, first out (FIFO) Operational emergency Risk Weighted shortest job first (WSJF) Manage Work Items Work item pool Task board Work item list/backlog Requirements (product) backlog None

Figure 1. The Intake Work process goal diagram (click to enlarge)