Disciplined Agile

Recent Presentations by Al Shalloway

An Introduction To the DA Value Stream Consultant workshop  February, 10, 2021 

PMI has created a breakthrough approach to Agile at scale called Disciplined Agile FLEX (FLow for Enterprise Transformation). This approach is supported by both a workshop (The DA Value Stream Consultant) and an online support system. This talk will discuss how the DA VSC workshop prepares consultants / trainers to understand what an organization’s challenges are and how to create potential improvements for them.  

Agile New England. February 4, 2021 

The Disciplined Agile FLEX Playbook for SAFe by Al Shalloway 

As a former SPCT and gold partner, Al Shalloway has seen patterns of success, stagnation and failure in SAFe adoption. These can all be understood by viewing them in the context of systems thinking and where SAFe follows (or doesn't) theories of Flow, Lean, ToC and organizational development. 

DA FLEX is an agnostic approach based on looking at an organization's context and applying practices indicated by the theories of Flow, Lean and Theory of Constraints guided by theories of organizational development and systems thinking. The DA FLEX Playbook for SAFe describes how SAFe adoptions can be improved by taking advantage of what's been done and learned. It accomplishes this by viewing SAFe from a value stream perspective (Lean's definition, not SAFe's redefinition) while adding key concepts that are missing in SAFe. 

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