Disciplined Agile

Tester: Practices Overview

The tester plays a supportive role in the execution of the Inception phase. The team and stakeholders may not be familiar with testing strategies. The tester plays an important role in developing the testing strategy which is a key deliverable during inception. During Construction, the tester serves as a full member of the team. Testing does help to discover bugs. But more importantly, helps the team to discover the causes of errors and eliminating them. This involves root-cause analysis, looking at processes, infrastructure, and the understanding of customer requirements.

Table 1 describes responsibilities of the tester as they help the team achieve their goals. Note that not all DA goals are represented here, only those where the tester plays a significant role. Articles in this reading path provide more detail about some of these.

Table 1. Goals and Responsibilities of the tester


Process Goal

What the Tester Does


Develop Test Strategy

Assess understanding and skills

Assure sufficient technical resources

Understanding regulatory compliance

Helping to define the approach to testing and development Identifying test environments to use

Defining strategy for testing non-functional requirements

Setting up automated test suites

Defining process to obtain test data

Defining process for automated builds

Defining process for reporting defects

Working with product owner to define governance of quality efforts

Organize Tool Environment

Help with acceptance tests 

Develop Software

Help team conduct BDD, TDD, TFD

Help team document defects and put on the backlog 

Produce a Potentially Consumable solution

Support ongoing team collaborations


Accelerate Value Delivery

Help team visualize their work

Help team optimize their flow