Disciplined Agile

Why Should Agile Coaches Adopt Disciplined Agile®?

Learn to coach beyond the confines of software development and agile frameworks.

There are several reasons why an agile coach should be interested in the Disciplined Agile® (DA) tool kit:

  1. Extend your knowledge-base. As an agile coach you can never know about too many potential practices or techniques. This in turn will enable you to provide better advice to the teams that you’re working with.
  2. Become agnostic. DA isn’t limited to a single method or framework. Furthermore, it isn’t even limited to agile. DA brings in ideas from lean sources and traditional sources. Good ideas are good ideas no matter what the source.
  3. Work across the enterprise. DA addresses all aspects of your organization, not just software development. DA provides advice for finance, enterprise architecture, value streams, security, governance, and many more important topics.
  4. Distinguish yourself from other coaches. There are a lot of people these days claiming to be Agile coaches. Having a solid understanding of the DA tool kit and how to apply it in practice will give you an edge over most coaches who only know Scrum or SAFe®