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Survey Seeks Answers on Ethics in the Workplace

Global Ethics Research

Effective leadership depends on making ethical choices. Please participate in a survey to help us better understand global differences in values and ethical decision making at work. The survey seeks to gain insight into the influence of culture, age, gender and education on how people respond to various situations.

Organizational Performance, Growth and Sustainability
Yacoub Petro (PMI Thesis Research Grant Recipient, British University of Dubai/University of Manchester)

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The study aims to build an understanding of how ambidexterity can be achieved in project-based organizations. Ambidexterity is the organizational ability to simultaneously explore the market and exploit one’s own knowledge base and resources to improve performance and drive sustainability. Ambidexterity has been known to overcome situations and issues of dynamic environments. This thesis proposes the use of project portfolio management as standard practice to show the path to ambidexterity in dynamic, yet project-based, environments.

Sustainability and Project Management
Luca Sabini (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Associate Researcher at Newcastle University Business School)

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Sustainability has acquired a growing strategic importance over the last 10 years, bringing with it a requirement for changes in traditional practices and paradigms of production. To this effect, as part of a European Commission funded project, this research intends to capture the practices, triggers and barriers which affect sustainability in project management.

The survey should not take more than 15 minutes to complete and will draw on your own experiences as project management professionals. I can ensure full confidentiality in handling your data. Even if the respondent has nothing to do with sustainability, please consider responding in order to ensure as wide a range of views as possible are captured. Findings may inform European and national strategy in this area.

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The Survey Links Program was designed as a way to promote project management research in an accessible manner, through the creation of temporary hyperlinks on to surveys conducted by eligible members and/or project management stakeholders. Members of the following groups are eligible to apply:

  • Current and former PMI sponsored research grant recipients,
  • PMIEF Doctoral Research Grant recipients,
  • Current and former academic members of the Academic Member Advisory Group,
  • Members of the PMJ Editorial Board

If you are a member of one of these groups and would like to submit a survey for consideration, please contact the research coordinator at

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