Membership FAQs


    Membership vs Certification

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    • No. PMI membership is separate from PMI certifications. However, as a PMI member, you will have access to many benefits including discounts on your certification exam fee as well as discounts on professional development opportunities to help with maintenance of your certification(s).

    • PMI membership is for one year from the date of your membership activation. You can renew your membership as early as 90 days from your expiration date. You can find your membership status in your myPMI profile on

    • No. There are separate fees and separate processes to renew your membership or your certification. Membership is on a one-year cycle and your certification renewal is on a three-year cycle.

    For more information about PMI certifications, please click here.

    Automatic Renewal of Your Membership

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    • Yes, you can set your membership to auto-renew if it is one of the following membership types:

      • PMI Membership
      • Retiree Membership
      • Chapter membership if you are electing one of the above renewal options
      • You are renewing one of the above membership types online

      When you join or renew one of the above membership types, your PMI membership and chapter membership will be set to automatically renew. You will be presented with the membership automatic renewal terms and conditions on the payment screen on

      The following membership types are not available for auto-renewal:

      • Student and student chapter memberships
      • PMIEF donations
      • Group billing plans
      • Paper applications and renewals
      • Hardship memberships
      • Library subscriptions
    • Yes, this is an optional feature. If you prefer, you may turn off this feature and renew each year via mail, phone, or online.

    • No. The renewal of your membership and certifications, fees and processes are different. To see the status of both, log in to and go to your myPMI profile to view your status.

    Renewing Your Membership

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    • If you do not renew your membership by your expiration date your membership expires and you will no longer have access to your membership benefits, such as the discounts on certification, member-only webinars, additional PDU opportunities, or maintain your chapter membership. The membership automatic renewal feature ensures continuous access to your membership benefits without interruption.

    • You can renew your PMI membership as early as 90 days ahead of your expiration date. Membership renewal is based on the original join date. When renewing within 10 months of the expiration date, your membership will continue to renew during the month you initially joined PMI.

    • Log on to and go to your myPMI profile. From there, you can access your dashboard to renew your PMI and chapter membership.

    Access to Your Benefits

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    • Log in to and click on the myPMI tab. Click on the “dashboard” link. In the right-hand column, you will see a section for “Knowledge Resources”. Select PMI publications to access the online version of the PMI standards. In addition, to access your online community, tools, templates, webinars, virtual events, and more go to

    • Access to online communities, templates, member-only webinars, virtual events and more can be accessed at On the home page, click on the blue button that says “Log in with PMI”. Find what you are looking for using the top-level navigation.

    • Your membership will be active shortly after your application and payment are received. You will receive a confirmation email notifying you of your membership activation.

    Membership and Chapters

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    • Student Members enjoy the same benefits as PMI Membership except that Student Members receive access to publications in a digital format exclusively.

    • Yes. You can join one or more PMI chapter(s) at any time. You cannot be a chapter member without being a PMI member. Your PMI and chapter membership expiration dates will be the same regardless of when you add a chapter(s). Therefore, if you only have four months left of your PMI membership, your chapter membership will expire in four months as well, despite when you joined the chapter.

    • Your chapter membership will be active once PMI has received payment. You will receive a confirmation email that your chapter membership has been processed. A timely notification response depends on the chapter, typically a few days.

    • Payment are made in U.S. dollars via credit card, check or bank transfer. PMI accepts: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Discover.

    • PMI Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable. You can choose to not renew your PMI membership at the time of your next expiration.

    • If your PMI membership has expired, and you rejoin PMI, you are considered to be new member. You will also be charged US$10.00 processing fee.

    • PMI does not offer discounts on PMI membership.

    Brazil & India Local Currency


    One of the key priorities and directions from PMI President and CEO Sunil Prashara is globalization. We are committed to enhancing our customer purchasing experience by tailoring our offerings to fit regional currencies and payment capabilities. Our intention was to select two countries in different regions, one in Asia (India) and the other in Latin America (Brazil), for the pilot. This will enable us to capture and incorporate regional customer experiences and feedback as we continue to improve and expand the program.

    The new payment solution will be implemented in August 2019.

    A user with a home address in Brazil will see real (R$) pricing. A user with a home address in India will see rupee (₹) pricing.  If the user enters a home address in any other country, the user is presented with U.S. dollar pricing. The user is not currently given a choice of currency. The currency will be presented based on the user’s supplied home address.

    The accepted payment options for local currency in Brazil are Mastercard® and Visa®, using either national or international credit cards.

    The accepted payment options for local currency in India are Mastercard, Visa, and American Express®, using either national or international credit cards. Debit cards may also be accepted.

    If the user’s home address is in India or Brazil, the user will not be able to use any other credit cards with the membership application. The user will need to contact PMI Customer Care in order to do so.

    No, your credit card data is not saved for local currency payment.

    New and renewal PMI membership purchases are eligible if purchased via the membership application. All chapter memberships are eligible for local pricing if purchased with a PMI membership. 

    You can enroll for MAR in your MyPMI profile. The renewal will be billed in U.S. dollars, not by your local currency.

    Yes, you will be able to view the order in your profile. However, the currency on the receipt will be displayed in U.S. dollars.

    Local currency purchases are limited to new and renewal membership types, which are accessed via the PMI membership applications for Brazil and India. PMI Store and purchases (such as IM65, adding a chapter membership for an existing member and books) are excluded. Membership automatic renewal (MAR) is excluded; however, the member may enroll in MAR through their MyPMI profile. The purchase of certification exam testing is excluded.

    PMI has decided to offer our members a fixed price for PMI membership and chapter membership presented in these local currencies.

    You will see the transaction on your statement identified as BLS*Project Management Institute or Project Management Institute, depending on the credit card type.