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PMJ Practitioner Insights is a series of short, empirically relevant articles that disseminate research findings to project practitioners and also benefit academics and students in the field of project management. The series features condensed versions of academic research papers in a language accessible to non-academic readers. The series bridges the gap between academia and practice by providing actionable insights from research that busy project, program, and portfolio managers can apply in their work. [READ MORE HERE]

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  • Editorial: Establishing the PMJ College for Early Career Researchers in Project Studies member content locked

    By Joana Geraldi, Giorgio Locatelli and Jonas Söderlund With the support of the Project Management Institute (PMI), we are excited to launch the PMJ College, a global, cross-journal initiative to nurture future leading academics in project studies. The…

  • Colleagues or Friends? Comparing Communication and Advice Networks for Building Information Modeling (BIM) Implementation in Construction Projects member content locked

    By Dongping Cao and Shiting Shao This study compares formal communication and informal advice networks in BIM implementation in construction projects. The communication network is more tightly connected than the advice network, and…

  • Toward a Multilevel Framework of Dynamic Capabilities Through the Lens of Project Management, Project Portfolio Management, and Project-Based Organizations member content locked

    By Marcos T. J. Barbosa and Marly M. Carvalho This study examines the lack of focus on dynamic capabilities (DCs) in project management literature. It presents a multilevel framework that categorizes 99 DCs into project management, PPM, and PBOs.

  • How Responsible Leadership Improves Stakeholder Collective Performance in Construction Projects: The Empirical Research from China member content locked

    By Fanghong Lin, Xu Ren and Guiwei Ding This study explores the growing focus on stakeholders in construction project management, going beyond traditional goals. It reveals how responsible leadership, team members' cognition, and ethical…

  • Enabling Collaborative Research in Project Management by Creating Gioia Data Structures as a Boundary Object member content locked

    By Shankar Sankaran, Stewart R. Clegg, Catherine P. Killen, Hedley Smyth and Jeffrey Scales This article discusses the use of Gioia data structures as visual boundary objects in project management research, promoting visual collaboration among research teams and facilitating…

  • When and How Servant Leadership Leads to Megaproject Success: The Roles of Project Governance and Interpersonal Trust member content locked

    By Shazia Nauman, Ameer A. Basit, Hina Munir and Muhammad Shoaib Iqbal This article found that servant leadership enhances interpersonal trust and improves project success in megaprojects, but its effect diminishes when project governance is high.

  • Performance Improvement in Megaprojects Through Project Network Characteristics and Transactive Memory Systems member content locked

    By Zhibin Hu, Guangdong Wu, and Wei Zhang This study examines the impact of project network characteristics and transactive memory systems on project performance. The research found high network density improves specialization, credibility,…


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Shaping thinking on the need for and impact of managing projects by publishing cutting-edge research that advances theory and evidence-based practice.

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PMJ College: Empowering Early Careers in Project Studies

At Project Management Journal (PMJ), we're dedicated to nurturing the next generation of scholarly excellence in project studies. We're thrilled to announce the launch of the new PMJ College, a two-year program developed to empower and retain talented and highly motivated doctoral students and postdocs at the early stages of their scholarly careers in project studies.

The Motivation:

By immersing these burgeoning academics in the intricacies of scholarly work, we aim to foster their career trajectory, building capabilities for contributions to project studies and beyond. We also hope that the innovative ideas and energy of these emerging scholars will enhance project studies, propelling the field to be ever more relevant and fruitful.

The Program:

PMJ College offers a structured two-year program with four immersive workshops, devoted to the art of discussing, reading, reviewing, researching, and writing, followed by a third year of mentorship by one of the members of our editorial team.

Commitment to Excellence and Diversity:

We are forming the first cohort of approximately eight to ten doctoral students and post-docs, focusing on meritocracy and diversity to facilitate rich intellectual exchange. Financial support opportunities are available to ensure equitable representation.

Application Requirements:

To apply, submit your CV (resume) and publication list, a cover letter showcasing your motivation, a three-page research proposal, and proof of enrollment in a doctoral program. Additionally, if you need financial support, include a letter explaining your circumstances.

Evaluation Criteria:

We'll evaluate candidates based on the quality of their proposal, its relevance to project studies, and their ambition to stay in academia. Entry requirements include being officially enrolled in a doctoral program or a post-doc position at a university and having a doctorate or post-doc topic that reflects an interest in project studies.


- Deadline for applications: 31st August 24
- Potential short online interviews
- Public announcement of the new cohort: Late Autumn 24
- Workshops: Physical workshops will be at an international conference in the summer (June or July); online workshops will take place in November. The 1st workshop will be held online on November 24.

Meet the Team:

The PMJ College initiative is led by Dr Joana Geraldi (Copenhagen Business School), Prof. Giorgio Locatelli (Politecnico di Milano), Prof. Jörg Sydow (Freie Universitat Berlin), Dr Shazia Nauman (Riphah International University), Dr Tristano Sainati (Politecnico di Milano), Prof. Stewart Clegg (University of Technology Sydney) and Prof. Jonas Soderlund (Linkoping University) with the support of the Project Management Institute (PMI) Academic Programs team.

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For more information please contact: [email protected]

Apply now and be part of this exciting journey! Let's make a real impact together!