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What is the Authorized Training Partner Program?

The PMI® Authorized Training Partner Program is a network (hub) of people, resources and offerings to help training organizations get visibility among PMI customers as an approved training provider.

Get the Competitive Advantage: Become a PMI Authorized Training Partner

Project Management Institute 2021 Authorized Training Partner

The PMI Authorized Training Partner program gives you the resources you need to stand out as a training provider.

Benefits include access to ready-to-use, PMI-licensed and -approved training content, high-quality training instruction, and marketing and sales support. It’s designed to give you and your students a competitive edge in today’s project economy.

On 31 December 2020, the PMI Authorized Training Partner Program replaced the Register Education Provider (R.E.P.) Program in all regions except China.

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“The PMP® prep training material is high-quality course content. And, there’s definitely enough course content to cover my course offerings.”

- PM.Ideas, PMI Authorized Training Partner

Why Join?

Stand Out as a PMI-Approved Provider

Be the training provider they trust. PMI will increase your visibility and make it easier for students to find your training. You will be featured in PMI marketing efforts, including and the PMI searchable partner database.

Access to Turn-Key Licensed Content

You will receive turn-key licensed content, including instructor and participant guides, and online learning assets. 

Content management is maintenance-free. You may add in your own case studies, learning activities, and industry-specific training information. It can be used for in-person and virtual instructor-led courses. 

We offer licensed content for Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam prep and Disciplined Agile training.

High-Quality Training From PMI

If you offer PMP® exam prep or Disciplined Agile workshops, you’ll benefit from our Authorized Training Partner Train the Trainer – PMP® Exam Prep course. It’s a requirement for instructors and proves to your students that your training meets the rigorous PMI standard for quality. 

  • *One day covers the technical aspects of the PMP exam, with a focus on agile and hybrid approaches.
  • **One day teaches facilitation techniques, modern learning and meeting delivery in a virtual environment.

Instructors must have agile experience and correlating certifications in good standing in order to teach their specific program. They must also submit a professional bio before they can enroll in the training.

*Two-day Train the Trainer is applicable for PMP® Exam Prep instructors.
** One-day Train the Trainer is applicable for Disciplined Agile workshop instructors.

Options That Fit Your Business Model

There are two tiers to the PMI Authorized Training Partner program: Basic and Premier. If you teach PDU-eligible courses, join our Basic tier. Or to gain all of the program benefits, such as support with business management and more comprehensive marketing and sales support, join as a Premier partner.

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Deliver Training Your Students Can Trust

Deliver the verified, vetted PMP exam prep and Disciplined Agile training your customers seek as a PMI Authorized Training Partner with PMI-developed course content and verified, trusted instructors.

You’ll also be backed by the support of, which will provide information on the value of training with a PMI Authorized Training Partner and guidance on how to identify a partner vs. non-authorized partners.

Become a Partner

Need Training?

Want to set up a Group Training?

Submit a request for group training.

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Find an Authorized Training Partner.

Application Process

  1. Submit Your Application

    If you need help getting started try our application checklist.

  2. Get Approved
    Allow 10-14 business days for the application to be reviewed and approved and three business days for payment processing.
  3. Get Instructors Approved
    Submit your instructors' experience and qualifications along with their PMP® ID. Allow four-five business days for review.
  4. Train Instructors*/**
    Approved instructors must attend a two-day, virtual Authorized Training Partner Train the Trainer – PMP® Exam Prep program and pass an assessment. After assessments are validated, instructor badges are delivered (allow two weeks).
  5. Get Onboarded
    This includes the distribution of the program logo badge and login for the licensed PMP® exam prep content.
  6. Start Hosting Your Courses

*Two-day Train the Trainer is applicable for PMP® Exam Prep instructors.
** One-day Train the Trainer is applicable for Disciplined Agile workshop instructors.