Pulse of the Profession | Capturing the Value of Project Management | 2015

As organizations take a critical look at their operations, our 2015 Pulse of the Profession® research finds that since 2012, the small percentage of organizations that are high performers in project management remains unchanged at 12 percent.

High performers achieve 80+ percent of their projects on time and on budget, meeting original goals. They meet business intent 2.5 times more often than low performers and waste 13 times less money due to poor project performance. Their rigorous approach to project, program and portfolio management improves their ability to implement strategy and creates a competitive advantage.

How can your organization capture the value of project management? PMI’s Pulse of the Profession maps a clear path forward.

Taking a Pulse

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    Knowledge Transfer

    Knowledge Transfer

    Capturing the Value of Project Management Through Knowledge Transfer

    When organizations value knowledge transfer and implement good practices to support it, they improve project outcomes substantially — by nearly 35 percent. Although specific practices vary among organizations, the most effective organizations report adhering to a five-step method for identifying, capturing, sharing, applying and assessing knowledge.

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    Requirements Management

    Requirements Management

    A Core Competency for Project and Program Success

    Organizations waste US$51 million for every US$1 billion spent on projects and programs due to poor requirements management.

    By changing their culture to one that values effective requirements management — and has the people and processes to support it — organizations can slow the trend towards failed projects and lost revenue.

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  • Talent Management

    The Competitive Advantage of Effective Talent Management

    High-performing organizations are more successful because they emphasize strategy, improve efficiency and — perhaps most tellingly — cultivate talent resources that embrace these practices to deliver successful programs and projects.

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  • Talent Gap: Project Management through 2020

    Through 2020, 1.57 million new project management jobs will be created every year around the world. Professionals and job-seekers with project management skills are in a prime position to benefit.


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