Organizations today face a chasm between what they should be doing — aligning projects to their strategy — and what they are able to accomplish. As a result, 44 percent of strategic initiatives are unsuccessful.

PMI’s 2014 Pulse of the Profession®, our annual global research, examines the impact of the implementation of project, program and portfolio management. Our report demonstrates that in order to remain competitive, organizations must place a strategic focus on people, processes and outcomes. And the time to act is now.

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  • Snapshot: 2014 Pulse

    Organizations waste US$109 million for every US$1 billion spent on projects. See some of the metrics from this year’s Pulse. How does your company compare?

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  • Requirements Management

    Requirements Management

    A Core Competency for Project and Program Success

    Organizations waste US$51 million for every US$1 billion spent on projects and programs due to poor requirements management.

    By changing their culture to one that values effective requirements management — and has the people and processes to support it — organizations can slow the trend towards failed projects and lost revenue.

  • Talent Management

    The Competitive Advantage of Effective Talent Management

    High-performing organizations are more successful because they emphasize strategy, improve efficiency and — perhaps most tellingly — cultivate talent resources that embrace these practices to deliver successful programs and projects.

  • Talent Gap: Project Management through 2020

    Through 2020, 1.57 million new project management jobs will be created every year around the world. Professionals and job-seekers with project management skills are in a prime position to benefit.


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