2020 Annual Report

To Our Valued Global Stakeholders

Resilience to Evolution to Opportunity

Scientists now believe that evolutionary change happens much faster than previously thought. A significant shift in the environment, they say, can trigger physical and biological change in a matter of generations, rather than over hundreds or thousands of years.

In 2020, COVID-19 triggered worldwide disruption more rapidly than anyone could have imaged. It was devastating, but it also forced us to find new ways to evolve. Here at PMI, we pivoted to meet the needs of our communities. We accelerated our digital transformation to deliver products and services virtually, while also developing new offerings to help our stakeholders stay ahead of what comes next.

In the process, we demonstrated an extraordinary resilience that allowed us not just to survive the crisis but to prosper in ways that few organizations have matched and support our global community. Indeed, we like to describe PMI’s journey in 2020 as one of Resilience to Evolution to Opportunity.

Think back to the onset of the pandemic. It was a time of massive confusion. There were so many things we didn’t know – what populations were most at risk, how rapidly the virus would spread, what strategies would be most effective in combatting it.

As a global organization, however, we realized early on that things were going to get bad very fast. So, we responded in gymnastic fashion, moving quickly to safeguard the health and safety of our employees, ensure operational continuity and maintain services for customers and critical stakeholders.

The 2020 results speak for themselves:

  • Total PMI membership grew to 652,000 – an 8.5 percent increase
  • We administered more than 80,000 online-proctored PMP exams
  • We offered certification holders more than 557,000 free PDUs
  • We saw more than 175,000 enrollments in digital course offerings between April and October alone

Perhaps most important: we managed to land the transformation we began in 2017 and move forward on our strategic journey to PMI 4.0.

As part of this journey, we fostered both traditional and new ways of working. We empowered a wider range of changemakers across sectors, industries and professions to have 10X greater impact. And we continued to unveil new offerings — such as Basics of Disciplined Agile and Citizen Developer — to enhance our relevancy to the project management community.

We also established our regional operating model so that we could draw closer to critical stakeholders around the world. And we established a Diversity Equity & Inclusion core team to support our employees as they navigated a world calling for greater social justice and racial equality.

As we move forward in 2021, PMI is truly “the go-to place for all things project.” Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers, chapters, members, staff and board of directors, we continue to be the resource that people reach out to when they want to turn their ideas into reality.

While much work remains to be done in taming COVID globally, we are optimistic about 2021. Our prospects are bright, and we couldn’t be more grateful for all you’ve done to move us forward on our journey from Resilience to Evolution to Opportunity.

Tony Appleby
Chair, PMI Board of Directors
Sunil Prashara
PMI President & CEO


Tony Appleby
Sunil Prashara


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Administered online-proctored PMP exams


registrations for the 2020 Virtual Experience Series

Offered certification holders more than


free PDUs

April to October


enrollments in digital course offerings

Most Influential Projects

In a time of uncertainty and upheaval, bold projects are paving the way to a new future, as demonstrated by the Most Influential Projects honorees. In our 2020 edition, we highlighted more than 250 game-changing projects, each a masterclass in how to navigate change and deliver results.

Introducing Most Influential Projects 2020

PMI 4.0 Strategy

Strategy and Growth

Building on 18 months of successful transformation work, we entered 2020 with our eyes firmly fixed on the future. While COVID-19 slowed us down, it didn’t deflect us from our primary goal. We formulated the PMI 4.0 strategy as planned and worked with the Executive Leadership Team to obtain board approval in September.

The plan sets us on a path to radically expand our impact not just among project management professionals, who remain a priority, but among changemakers of all stripes and all ages who want to drive change and turn their ideas into reality.

Within the framework of this new strategy, we laid the foundation for multiple efforts: our youth engagement strategy, an expansion of our social impact plan and collaboration with like-minded organizations whose members will benefit from project management skills. We also doubled down on innovation, creating a pipeline of new products that will benefit our full spectrum of changemakers for many years to come – we piloted Kickoff for those new to our community, and began development of Organizational Transformation Foundation for experienced professionals looking to engage in high-level transformation work.

In all this, we remained focused on two key goals: driving impact among our core community, and expanding the reach and scope of that community by extending an invitation to a wider universe of changemakers anxious to change the world.

Empowering Changemakers


As project skills grow increasingly important in a projectized world, more people than ever before will need the skills and insights necessary to deliver value and get things done; these can include doctors, lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, and many others who may not necessarily self-identify as project managers. At PMI, we are broadening our efforts to better serve this expanded pool of the people we call “changemakers.”


PMI has an enormous opportunity - to enable changemakers across sectors, industries, and professionals and in doing so, have a 10x greater impact as an association.

PMI has maintained a leadership position in project management since 1969. We have expanded our scope to include all changemakers, empowering them through a broad range of ways of working and ability to deliver outcomes and influence others.

Through educational tools and training, networking, mentoring, collaboration, resources and more, we help individuals to gain the relevant skills, knowledge and capabilities to work smarter. Our services and solutions upskill people to sense and lead change, enabling the organizations where they work to continuously adapt and thrive.


Enabling Youth

In order to fully tap into the potential of young leaders already reshaping the Project Economy, PMI laid the foundation for a new Youth Initiative, focused on empowering and enabling youth from ages 5-35 around the world to turn ideas into reality through programs like student competitions, hackathons, and new initiatives.

A new generation of project talent has risen around the world and they are altering what it means to leverage The Project Economy. Passionate about inclusion, creativity, and collaboration, these purpose-driven individuals view project work as the foundation for positive impact across their fields.

Make Reality Stories Marcel Furmie

PMI volunteer Marcel Furmie shares successes and challenges from his most inspiring project that helped make a new reality for children in Africa.

PMI Thought Leadership

Throughout the year, PMI conducts extensive research and publishes thought leadership to keep our members informed of the latest trends in the profession - including notable projects and programs, and the people who drive them to success. PMI also launched a new Knowledge Initiative program focused on formalizing and giving voice to the collective intelligence of the PMI community.

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Make Reality

To bring the new PMI brand to life and demonstrate the critical role PMI and our members play in driving change in The Project Economy, PMI developed a new global brand building campaign called ‘Make Reality.’ This storytelling platform and multi-year campaign was created with the objective of raising brand awareness and shaping perception – positioning PMI as the organization that enables all change-makers to make ideas a reality.

Make Reality Stories: Anca Sluşanschi

Anca Sluşanschi, Practice Manager, Ministry of Education, New Zealand, shares information about the most inspiring project she has worked on for the New Zealand government.

PMI Recognized for Excellence

PMI was recognized with three Stevie Awards for excellence in communications and public relations in recognition of PMI's cross-functional New Work Ecosystem campaign. The campaign won gold for Communications/PR Campaign of the Year for Brand/Reputation Management, gold for Business to Business, and bronze for Most Valuable Corporate Response.

The campaign was designed to help professionals cultivate the skills and insights necessary to thrive amidst the upheaval of COVID-19 and other disruptive business trends.

steveis-award-icon 1600

Awards Won by PMI

PMI is shaping the world of project management — and being recognized for it! We are honored to share the awards that we've achieved throughout various channels within project management.

Awards and Recognition Granted to PMI, 2019-2020

In respect to Global Engagement, 2020 was about getting closer to our stakeholders. Far from slowing down because of the pandemic, we accelerated the pace of transformation, putting in place our regional organizational structure and further evolving into a digital-first organization.

Our new regional hub-and-spoke operating model combines centralized systems and data with regional insight teams to enhance not only our global reach but our local impact. We’re seeing new dynamism across PMI as our eight regional managers engage more closely with our chapters and stakeholder communities around the world.

As we look to 2021, we aim to build on the groundwork we laid in 2020 – to deepen our relationship with all our stakeholders and to provide the tools and resources they need to enhance their impact in a changing world.

A Successful 2020

Global Solutions and Experience

In many ways and by multiple measures, 2020 was one of PMI’s most successful years. The pandemic provided the impetus to advance a number of key initiatives – such as online proctoring – that we had long contemplated and that have helped advance our digital-first strategy.

We benefited too from special circumstances like the upcoming PMP exam change. That drove total membership to 652,000, up 8.5 percent year-over-year, and boosted our total certifications to 1.9 million.

We also continued our work enhancing PMI’s infrastructure. We executed production launches of ERP, CRM, E-Commerce and membership platforms. We integrated Disciplined Agile/FLEX and Brightline into the organization more fully. And we implemented our ATP program with more than 500 ATPs now operating around the world.

Perhaps most gratifying was our work to support stakeholders struggling through the pandemic. To enhance their experience of PMI, we launched our Virtual Experience Series, reaching 47,000 attendees in 146 countries, and offered more than 150,000 free courses and 550,000 PDUs.

2020 was indeed a leap-frog year. We demonstrated enormous agility through a once-in-a-lifetime crisis and are now primed for success in 2021 and beyond.

PMI Membership





Virtual Experience Series





Expanding Our Product Portfolio

PMI continues to explore and unveil a range of new products, services and channels to enhance the relevancy of the project management community. 

More than ever, successful project practitioners are those that can leverage the right tool, method and framework for the right problem to deliver the right outcome for their employers. PMI’s portfolio of products – whether it’s Citizen Developer, predictive, Agile, lean or design thinking – enable individuals to do just that.

Our expanded product portfolio provides choices – opportunities to learn and evolve to gain tailored skillsets.

Examples of our expanded product portfolio include:

Kickoff: A free 45-minute experience that provides changemakers with basic project techniques and tools they can use to drive change forward using either agile or traditional approaches.

Navigator: A career development platform for project professionals, including opportunities for a comprehensive self-assessment of skills, interests and goals, while offering action plans to achieve objectives.

Disciplined Agile Certification Suite: A range of agile certifications designed to help you tackle challenges throughout each step of your career, with an emphasis on leveraging the DA tool kit to tailor the best agile approaches to the unique needs of your organization.

PMI Citizen Developer: The first of its kind, platform-agnostic learning tools and resources for organizations seeking to implement and scale Citizen Development (CD) practices, offering the hyper-agile ways of working needed to facilitate large-scale change with no-code/low-code platforms.

PMIstandards+: A digital solution for instant access to how-to content and more-all tailored to industry, approach and goals.

PMI Project Management Ready: An early-entry project management certification available to those who do not yet have a high school diploma and/or may not have the experience and education required for our entry-level professional certification, the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) exam.

Empowering Changemakers with Free Courses and Resources

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, PMI announced a collection of free digital offerings to help professionals continue to build skills and prepare to advance in a post COVID-19 world. “In today’s environment, organizations and individuals need to be more proactive and agile in their response to change – whether it comes from the market, a competitor or the economy,” said Grace Najjar, Managing Director, PMI MENA. “By launching these online resources, we aim to help professionals navigate this new ecosystem of work so they can be ready for anything. As leaders increasingly look to those that can proactively drive change and deliver results, our goal is to help empower professionals to act as these ‘change makers’ at their organizations.” Many of the resources and courses offered through an online hub benefitted candidates in need of Professional Development Units (PDUs), as well as those looking to build new skills, practices and knowledge sets.

Serving Our Global Community Online Proctored Testing

Throughout 2020, many organizations found that their response to the crisis had an unexpected side effect – accelerating innovation.

Beginning in April, PMI began offering project professionals the ability to schedule and take their Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam online from their home or office. The PMP exam now joins two other PMI certification exams professionals can take online: the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® certification exams.

Candidates can now take the exam online using Pearson VUE’s OnVUE online proctored testing software. Like center-based testing, online proctored testing requires candidates to be monitored by a proctor, who is offsite monitoring test takers with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

“In these uncertain times, we are working diligently to provide members and certification candidates with the resources they need to invest in their professional development,” said Michael DePrisco, PMI COO. “Online proctored testing for the PMP exam is an important step in that journey. It has always been in our future, but we prioritized it now to ensure the safety and well-being of our community.”

Authorized Training Partner Program ATP Roll-Out

In 2020, PMI launched the new Authorized Training Partner program designed to help stakeholders find high-quality training in preparation to sit for PMP and DA PMI exams. PMI-ATP providers offer in-depth programs that help educate and guide those preparing to take PMI exams on what they need to know – not simply in terms of processes, but the accompanying principles of effective project management.

To earn a designation as a PMI Authorized Training Partner, providers must meet rigorous standards for quality and effectiveness. The program is designed to elevate the quality of training with PMI-approved and vetted instructors and course content, providing a more consistent experience for those aspiring to earn PMI PMP & DA certifications. PMIATP providers ultimately not only help practitioners to more effectively succeed on their exams, but better develop a robust understanding of how project management practices can be applied to a range of their real-world challenges.

As one student said, “This is a global standard. Regardless of my score on the exam, I will be a better leader because I took this course.” The newly launched program has generated a range of positive testimonials from instructors and test takers alike.

“Through our relationship with PMI, Southern New Hampshire University is able to offer our learners critical skills in the area of project management and support them with preparatory material to sit for industry-recognized credentials administered by PMI that are highly sought after across various business industries. The utilization of the ATP model to teach Project Management Professional (PMP)® content in our courses allows us to ensure our students are learning the most relevant, and up-to-date material available in the field of project management by trained experts in the field.”

Zuzana Buzzell, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Global Campus Business Programs, Southern New Hampshire University

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