PMI Eric Jenett Person of the Year Award


The PMI Eric Jenett Person of the Year Award (formerly the PMI Eric Jenett Project Management Excellence Award) recognizes and honors an individual who has made an outstanding contributions to the project management profession or its practice through leadership, technical project management, and strategic and business management acumen.

Mr. Jenett is PMI’s third member and first Project Management Professional (PMP®). A PMI Fellow, Mr. Jenett was PMI’s President in 1971, Chairman in 1972 and Secretary from 1975 to 1976. A founding member of the PMI Houston Chapter, Mr. Jenett was honored by PMI in 1975 with a Distinguished Contribution Award and a Tribute to Lifetime Achievement in 2010. He has presented at numerous PMI Seminars & Symposiums, served on a number of panels, and published a variety of articles in the Project Management Quarterly, later to become the Project Management Journal®, and in a number of other technical publications. He has written and lectured on technical and project management topics and has over 40 publications and presentations to his credit.


  • The nominee does not require PMI affiliation or membership.
  • The nominee may work in any field i.e., business, government, nonprofit, academia, research, consulting, training, etc.
  • The nominee must be nominated by at least three and not more than five individuals, one of whom must be the Lead Nominator
  • The Lead Nominator must be a PMI member in good standing

Not Eligible

  • Self-nomination is not permitted.
  • Current PMI staff, PMI contractors, and/or PMI consultants are not eligible to apply for this award.

Number of Awards

  • There is no limit to the number of PMI Eric Jenett Person of the Year Award granted annually.
  • PMI reserves the right not to select any winner for a particular year if the evaluations performed indicate that nominations do not meet the stated criteria.



  • The nominee must be nominated by at least three and not more than five individuals, one of whom must be the Lead Nominator.
  • In the event that more than one individual is to be nominated for the same contribution, separate nomination packages must be submitted.
  • The Lead Nominator must:
    • Be a PMI member in good standing.
    • Assemble and submit the nomination package.
    • Ensure that the nomination package is complete at the time of submission. Incomplete nomination packages will not be evaluated.
  • Review PMI General Nominations Guidelines.


The nomination package must contain the following:

  • The PMI Eric Jenett Person of the Year Award online application includes five criteria that must be met. Descriptions of contributions must highlight impact, outcomes, and results of the nominee’s efforts.
    • Criterion 1: These contributions are exceptional and have had a lasting positive impact on the project management profession. These contributions must span a minimum of eight (8) years.
    • Criterion 2: These contributions to the project management profession demonstrate benefits to the larger project management community.
    • Criterion 3: These contributions demonstrate excellence in leadership and initiative.
    • Criterion 4: These contributions demonstrate an understanding of PMI standards, practices, and ethics.
    • Criterion 5: These contributions are impactful within the individual’s organization or industry as demonstrated by specific benchmarks of changes.
  • Letters of nomination (no more than two pages each) from the Lead Nominator and each of the other nominators. Each letter should include:
    • A full description of the contributions deserving the award based on the stated criteria. Contributions must highlight impact, outcomes, and results of the nominee’s efforts. The description must clearly outline why the contributions represent an improved or enhanced use of project management or make a lasting contribution to the profession.
    • Length and type of association with the nominee. Any direct personal or professional relationship of the nominators with the nominee must be stated.
    • Each nominator must document their personal knowledge of the nominee’s contributions
    • Nominators should be chosen to provide various perspectives of the nominee’s contributions.
    • A 60 second video of the nominee explaining why they should be selected for this award.

General Nominations Guidelines

Permissions and Release Form

In the Event of a Successful Nomination

  • The PMI Professional Awards Staff will send the nomination package to a designated panel of evaluators, who are subject matter experts, for evaluation.
  • The nominations, evaluation process, and scores are proprietary to PMI and will not be disclosed to nominators or nominees.
  • The Lead Nominator and Nominee will be notified of the status of the nomination at the conclusion of the evaluation process.
  • Selection and communication of nomination status must take place no later than the third quarter of the year.

In the Event of an Unsuccessful Nomination

  • If a nominee is not selected, he or she may be re-nominated.
  • A new nomination package must be submitted in order for the nominee to be considered in subsequent years

PMI Award FAQs

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