PMI Fellow Award

  • 2022


    • Ricardo Viana Vargas, PhD, PMP

      Ricardo Viana Vargas, PhD, PMP is an experienced leader in global operations, project management, business transformation and crisis management. Founder and managing director of Macrosolutions, a consulting firm with international operations in energy, infrastructure, IT, oil and finance, he managed more than $20 billion in international projects in the past 25 years. Former chairman of Project Management Institute (PMI), Ricardo created and led the Brightline Initiative from 2016 to 2020 and was the director of project management and infrastructure at the United Nations, leading more than 1,000 projects in humanitarian and development projects. He wrote 16 books in the field, has delivered 250 keynote addresses in 40 countries, and hosts the "5 Minutes Podcast," which has reached 12 million views. Ricardo holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, a master's in Industrial Engineering, and an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering.

  • 2021


    • Peter Monkhouse, PMP

      Peter Monkhouse is co-founder of NewGenP, providing consulting and training services to organizations focusing on the delivery strategy through products. Peter has actively led projects and project managers in multiple sectors for multinational organizations. Peter has taught over 6,000 students in Project Management at the University of Toronto and Ryerson University. Peter served on the PMI Board of Directors for six years and was the Chair in 2012, followed by serving for six years on the PMI Educational Foundation Board of Directors and was the Chair in 2018. Peter is the past president of the PMI Toronto Chapter.

    • Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, PMP

      Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez is a thought leader, practitioner, and professor in project management. He is the author of the Harvard Business Review Project Management Handbook and four other books, and creator of concepts such as the Project Economy and the Project Manifesto. His research and global impact in modern management has been recognized by Thinkers50. A former Chairman of the Project Management Institute, Antonio is the founder of Projects&Co and co-founder of the Strategy Implementation Institute. Born in Madrid, Spain, and educated in Germany, Mexico, Italy, and the United States, Antonio is fluent in five languages and received his MBA from London Business School.

  • 2020


    • Dr. Prasad S. Kodukula, PMP, PgMP

    • Marge Combe

  • 2019


    • Ricardo Triana, PMP

    • Al Zeitoun, Ph.D., M.Sc., PMI-RMP, PMI-SP, PMP, PgMP

  • 2018


    • Beth J. Ouellette, MBA, PMI-PBA, PMP, PgMP, PMI Fellow

    • Cynthia Snyder Dionisio, MBA, PMP, PMI Fellow

  • 2017


    • Linda Vella, BA, PMP, PMI Fellow

    • Eugene C. Bounds, CSM, PMP, PMI Fellow

  • 2016


    • Walter Ginevri, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, PMI-RMP, PMI-SP, PMP, PgMP, PfMP

    • Ralf Müller, DBA, MBA, PMP

    • Beth A Partleton, MPM, PMP

  • 2015


    • Eric S. Norman, PMP, PgMP

    • Brian Hobbs, PMP

  • 2013


    • Frank P. Saladis, PMP

    • Debra L Miersma

  • 2012


    • Mark Owen Mathieson, PE, PMP

    • Aaron J. Shenhar, PMP

    • Yanping Chen, MD, PhD, PMP

    • Thomas Walenta, Dipl. Math, PMP, PgMP

  • 2011


    • Philip Diab

    • Alfonso Bucero

  • 2010


    • David Hillson, PhD, PMP, HonFAPM, FIRM, FRSA

  • 2009


    • Karen Tate, MBA, PMP

    • James M. Gallagher, PMP

    • Karen R.J. White, MS, PMP

    • Iain Fraser, Dip PPC, Fellow PMINZ, PMP

    • Vijay Kumar Verma, PMP, MBA, P.Eng

    • Debbie O'Bray, CIM

    • Lee R. Lambert, PMP

  • 2007


    • Julie M. Wilson, PMP

    • Louis J. Mercken, MBA, PMP

  • 2006


    • Michel Thiry, FAPM, PhD, PMP

  • 2005


    • Rebecca Ann Winston

    • Hugh Woodward, MBA, MSCE, PMP

    • Saralee Newell, PMP

    • Helen S. Cooke, PMP

  • 2004


    • J. Davidson Frame

    • Walter O. Bowman, PMP

  • 2003


    • Dr. Pierre M. Ménard, Eng., MBA, DBA, PMP

    • J. Kent Crawford, PMP

  • 2001


    • Gerald Ostrander, PMP

  • 1999


    • David L. Pells

    • Robert L. Kimmons, PE, PMP

    • Ronald P.C. Waller, PMP, CEM

  • 1998


    • Roger B. Glaser, PhD

    • Harvey Levine

    • David H. Curling, B. Eng., P. Eng., PMP

  • 1997


    • Jenny M. Stribiak

    • Richard J. Balfour, B. Eng., P. Eng.

  • 1996


    • Bryan R.A. McConachy, P. Eng., PMP

  • 1995


    • Mary Devon O'Brien, PMP

    • Robert J. Yourzak

    • Elvin Isgrig

  • 1994


    • Paul C. Dinsmore

    • Frederick A. Arnold

  • 1992


    • J.D. “Kaay” Koch, PMP

  • 1991


    • Francis M. Webster, Jr.,Phd

    • Douglas S. Egan, Jr.

  • 1990


    • Martin Dean Martin, PhD

  • 1989


    • Charles Y. Lopinsky, PMP

    • R. Max Wideman

    • Lewis R. Ireland, Phd, PMP

    • Russell D. Archibald, PMP

    • James J. O'Brien

  • 1988


    • Brian Fletcher

  • 1987


    • Harry F. Padgham, PMP

    • David I. Cleland, PhD

  • 1986


    • Linn C. Stuckenbruck

    • Kenneth O. Hartley

    • Robert G. Staples

    • Earl W. Feight

  • 1984


    • Regula Brunies

  • 1983


    • J. Gordon Davis, PhD

    • David H. Morton

    • John R. Adams

    • Robert B. Gillis

  • 1982


    • John W. Fondahl

    • Matthew H. Parry, PMP

    • Eric Jenett, PMP

    • James R. Snyder