Past Winners by Year

2019 PMI® Project of the Year Winner: E190-E2 Program Development

2018 PMI Project of the Year Award Winner: Project Legacy – Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System Replacement Medical Center Activation

2017 Project of the Year Award Winner - Hanford Double Shell Tank AY-102 Recovery Project

Tank AY-102 is a 1 million gallon capacity double shell tank commissioned in 1971 storing radioactive and chemical waste. In August 2012, this storage tank was found to be leaking nuclear waste. The nuclear waste needed to be removed and transferred to a double-shell tank for safe storage. The project closed ahead of scheduled and US$8.7 million under budget.

2016 PMI Project of the Year Award Winner - National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II)

This project resulted in the creation of the world's most powerful photon microscope. The microscope creates X-rays that allow scientists to see how materials in systems—such as batteries or fuel cells— behave at the nano-level while operating in real-world conditions. By the time the project was completed in March 2015, it was six months ahead of schedule and under budget.

2015 PMI Project of the Year Award Winner - El Segundo Refinery Coke Drum Reliability Project

Project leaders got creative to complete a high-profile refinery upgrade on a compressed timeline—and finished ahead of schedule, $7 million U.S. dollars under budget and with a spotless safety record.