Past Winners by Year

2020 PMI Project of the Year Award Winner: TANAP Natural Gas Transmission Company

Energy security is a matter of national security in today's volatile marketplace. European countries are looking to diversify their power supply. One possible solution is a US$6.5 billion pipeline stretching across Turkey, the Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline (TANAP).

2019 PMI Project of the Year Award Winner: E190-E2 Program Development

Embraer sells the world's most popular regional jets. In 2010 the competition was closing in so Embraer launched a US$1.7 billion program to develop a new generation of airplanes that would be ready and reliable on day one.

2018 PMI Project of the Year Award Winner: Project Legacy – Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System Replacement Medical Center Activation

Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. In a matter of hours, 80 percent of the storied city was under water. Once the storm surge receded, the recovery work began. For the Department of Veterans Affairs, that meant rebuilding a healthcare system.

2017 PMI Project of the Year Award Winner: Hanford Double Shell Tank AY-102 Recovery Project

Tank AY-102 is a 1 million gallon capacity double shell tank commissioned in 1971 storing radioactive and chemical waste. In August 2012, this storage tank was found to be leaking nuclear waste. The nuclear waste needed to be removed and transferred to a double-shell tank for safe storage. The project closed ahead of scheduled and US$8.7 million under budget.

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