Ethics Complaints

If matters involving unethical behavior arise, we offer a formal ethics complaint process. All ethical cases are taken seriously and are investigated by the Ethics Review Committee (ERC) on behalf of the PMI Board of Directors. The ERC is authorized to resolve and end all ethics cases brought to the Institute, and to order disciplinary or remedial actions.

You can address unethical behavior informally, at the chapter level, and formally through the PMI ethics complaint process.

Have an ethics question?

Contact the PMI Ethics Insight Team with questions, concerns or useful ideas. Email to [email protected].

File an Ethics Complaint

To file a formal complaint, click the link below.
Ethics Complaint

View the procedures that apply for processing a possible PMI ethics violation.
Case Rules and Procedures

Respond to an Ethics Complaint

If you are named as the Respondent in a PMI ethics complaint, please follow the link in the email you received to complete the Response Form online. If you experience technical difficulties, please contact [email protected].


About the PMI Ethics Review Committee

The ERC exercises ultimate authority to resolve and end all ethics matters brought to the Institute, regardless of the circumstances of the case.

The committee consists of 15 volunteer members who serve a three-year term. Members observe strict confidentiality requirements and may not discuss any cases publicly. They may not participate in reviews or hearings if a possible conflict of interest exists.

Download Sample Cases

Examples of real ethical cases are described in brief. They represent the types of cases the ERC reviews and resolves.

Sample Cases