Project Management Institute

Ethics in Project Management Toolkit

The PMI Ethics in Project Management Toolkit is designed to help project leaders better understand what ethics and professional conduct mean, facilitate their practice, increase awareness about how ethics can flourish, and better understand how individuals can address ethical issues in their professional and volunteer activities.

The toolkit consists of content that can be used by an individual to focus on orientation, education and awareness—and by groups (chapter boards or project teams) to support the team‐building process. All tools contain instructions and supplemental guidance so they can be used most effectively.

Ethics Self-Assessment: Based on the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, the Ethics Self-Assessment tool will assist the user in thinking about his or her own ethics-related leadership and actions.

Project Team Ethics Assessment: Ethical issues can be relegated to a lower priority in an environment of aggressive timelines, high expectations and blurred boundaries between the organization’s and the project’s authority. This tool aims to create opportunities of ethical behavior within the team and promote an ethical culture.

Ethics Decision-Making Workshop: This workshop provides participants the opportunity to leverage their ethical knowledge to strengthen their leadership skills, raising the odds of project success. It exposes participants to the importance of ethical behavior through optional pre-reading.

Project Bully Identification: Bullies lead through dominance, fear and negative reinforcement. When a bully is operating in a project, the impact on the team can be toxic. This tool helps you distinguish a competitive, ill-mannered, or challenging personality from a workplace bully.