Annual Membership Meeting

Call for PMI Annual Membership Meeting Agenda Topics Saturday, 5 October 2019, 5:15 p.m. EDT (-4 UTC) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Our Annual Membership Meeting will be held in Philadelphia on Saturday, 5 October 2019. PMI Board of Directors Chair Randy Black, will preside.

New Business

You may submit new business for the Annual Membership Meeting as stipulated in the PMI Bylaws, Article V, which requires, “Upon ninety (90) days notice and a petition signed by five percent (5%) or more of the voting membership to the Corporate Secretary, a question and resolution shall be submitted to the quorum of voting members present at the Annual Membership Meeting.”

View the PMI Bylaws

Completed petitions and questions/resolutions must be submitted to the PMI Corporate Secretary by Friday, 5 July 2019 on a completed Board Agenda Topic Form.

Annual Membership Meeting Agenda

In accordance with Bylaws Article V, no business other than specified on the final agenda shall be transacted at the meeting.

Contact Information

Send any correspondence about the Annual Membership Meeting to 


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