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2024 Call for Nominations Now Closed

You can review the Board Director Success Profile, Bylaws, and Time and Commitment Expectations for the upcoming 2025 Call for Nominations.

You’re already a dedicated member of our organization and a skilled project professional. Now, imagine using your skill and dedication to make an impact in communities worldwide—as a PMI Board member.

Board Director Skills and Competencies

Volunteers on our Nominating Committee select ballot candidates. Our nomination process is designed to ensure that our Board of Directors have the full range of skills required to fulfill our aspirations, vision, and strategic priorities.

Most importantly, our Nominating Committee seeks candidates who can impact and shape our organization's future. Please review “Board Director Success Profile” to understand the skills of a successful Board Director.

We are an inclusive organization that values your unique perspective—and that’s why we’re always looking to inspire members across the globe to consider nomination.

Start Your Journey to Become a Board of Director Nominee!

The Call for Nominations is open from 1 – 29 February 2024

If you are a PMI Member in good standing for the past two consecutive years, and are interested in seeking a nomination, please bookmark + visit this page for updates throughout the year and consider answering the 2025 call for nominations.

*Note: You must meet the 2-year membership mark by the time Board service begins on 1 January 2025

Please send your inquiries and all required forms to [email protected] by 5 PM EST on 29 February 2024.

Nomination and Election Timeline

1- 29 February: Call for Nominations open

By 31 March: Status updates provided and interviews scheduled

Mid-April: Interviews conducted virtually

3-28 June: Election open to PMI Membership

July: Election results announced

Questions? Contact [email protected]


Your service can make a positive difference on the PMI Board of Directors. We need world citizens, experienced leaders, and critical thinkers to guide and inspire PMI's future and deliver life-long value, build community, and set the gold standard for project professionals globally.

2024 PMI Board of Directors, Chair


If you are keen to shape the PMI of today and the future, and eager to contribute to make PMI all it can be for its members, stakeholders, volunteers and the project community, consider joining and serving as a member of the PMI Board of Directors. Its an opportunity, an experience, its collaborative and strategic and together, can make a positive impact in shaping the PMI of today and the future.

2024 PMI Board of Directors, Governance Committee Chair