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Vote in Our Board Elections

If you are an active member, you are invited to vote from 3 June to 28 June 2024. You can check your current membership status on your Member profileStarting 3 June, each active PMI member will receive a personalized electronic ballot. Meet the candidates.

Each one of us plays a pivotal role not just in our professional development but also in steering the direction of our organization. The upcoming PMI Board of Directors election represents a critical opportunity for you to influence the leadership that shapes our purpose and strategic vision.

Our Board of Directors, composed of 12 dedicated volunteers elected by you, our members, collaborates closely with the CEO and Executive Leadership Team to forge our path forward. These leaders are tasked with guiding PMI towards achieving its purpose and strategic objectives, while embodying PMI’s culture values and helping to advance the project management profession.

Here are a few reasons why your participation is essential:

  • Strategic Influence: Electing board members who align with PMI’s goals and values influences the strategic direction of the organization and the work you do every day.
  • Representation: Your vote ensures that the board represents the diversity and variety of perspectives within PMI.
  • Engagement: Voting is a fundamental way to engage with the governance of the organization and show your commitment to its ideals and future.

Please mark your calendars for the election period from 3 June to 28 June. You will receive an email from a third- party vendor with details on how to cast your vote securely online.

Need support? If you did not receive your personalized email from our third- party vendor, please contact [email protected] or 1-866-720- HELP for exclusive member support for elections.

Nomination and Election Timeline

1- 29 February: Call for Nominations open

By 31 March: Status updates provided and interviews scheduled

Mid-April: Interviews conducted virtually

3-28 June: Election open to PMI Membership

July: Election results announced

Questions? Contact [email protected]


Your service can make a positive difference on the PMI Board of Directors. We need world citizens, experienced leaders, and critical thinkers to guide and inspire PMI's future and deliver life-long value, build community, and set the gold standard for project professionals globally.

2024 PMI Board of Directors, Chair


If you are keen to shape the PMI of today and the future, and eager to contribute to make PMI all it can be for its members, stakeholders, volunteers and the project community, consider joining and serving as a member of the PMI Board of Directors. Its an opportunity, an experience, its collaborative and strategic and together, can make a positive impact in shaping the PMI of today and the future.

2024 PMI Board of Directors, Governance Committee Chair