Insight Teams

A number of volunteer groups are chartered by PMI to provide a “sense and respond” function to the staff on issues based on their expertise.

PMI Academic Insight Team

The PMI Academic Insight Team provides expert support and recommendations for the programs and services of PMI Academic Programs. The Academic Insight Team legitimizes PMI’s position as a thought leader by promoting evidence-based project, program and portfolio management, and enhances knowledge by creating, reviewing and disseminating new academic research. The Academic Insight Team enriches and supports quality academic curriculum for teaching project management at colleges and universities to young professionals—the source of new PMI members and the next generation of project management educators.

PMI Chapter Insight Team

The PMI Chapter Insight Team helps chapter leaders to deliver a positive member experience while localizing PMI strategy by working in partnership with PMI Chapter Development team members to serve as a “voice of the chapter” across PMI projects and initiatives ensuring alignment between PMI strategy, chapter purpose and stakeholder engagement. This group understands and represents the alignment of PMI’s strategy to local chapters, and provides advice, support, and coaching to help enable localization of PMI’s strategy in chapters.

PMI Ethics Insight Team

The PMI Ethics Insight Team works in partnership with PMI legal staff to sense stakeholder needs in the area of ethics and recommend resources to fulfill those needs. The Ethics Insight Team is responsible for determining stakeholder needs in the area of ethics, and bringing those needs to the attention of the PMI legal staff. As needed, the EIT collaborates with PMI legal staff to make ethics resources available to PMI stakeholders.

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PMI NextGen Insight Team

The PMI NextGen Insight Team works in partnership with PMI’s Academic Programs and Volunteer Programs & Services staff in support of building and growing engagement opportunities for “Next Generation” project managers (NextGen) and supporting other PMI Insight Teams by providing NextGen perspective as needed. To that end, the NextGen Insight Team performs sense and responding activities to help ensure the voice and needs of NextGens are heard, valued and supported.

PMI Professional Awards Insight Team

The PMI Professional Awards Insight Team provides professional support and expertise regarding the administration of the PMI Professional Awards Program. These volunteers align the PMI Professional Awards portfolio to support PMI strategy and brand, provide guidelines for the awards’ nomination processes, and perform ongoing monitoring of various elements of the program.

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Region Mentors

Region Mentors help build strong local chapters by providing advice, guidance and leadership to PMI chapter leaders to develop their leadership capabilities and ensure member value delivery. They act as a resource with PMI staff regarding programs, policies and procedures that enable and focus chapters on operational success.

PMI Standards Insight Team

The PMI Standards Insight Team, in alignment with PMI’s strategy, provides marketplace knowledge, expert observation, and stakeholder input to help guide the planning of the PMI Standards Program and ISO participation in support of the overall PMI Standards Program vision and mission.

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PMI Data and Analytics Insight Team

The PMI Data and Analytics Insight Team Supports PMI’s commitment to utilizing data to make informed decisions. The Data and Analytics Insight Team provides feedback to staff regarding data management, quality, analytics, and governance. The work helps to create a more data driven organization which can make quicker, better decisions.