What is Project Management?

Project management is the practice of using knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to complete a series of tasks to deliver value and achieve a desired outcome.

What is a Project?

A project is a series of structured tasks, activities, and deliverables that are carefully executed to achieve a desired outcome. They are temporary efforts to create value through unique products, services and processes.

Each aspect of a project must go through the phases of the project lifecycle before reaching an end goal. This lifecycle allows project managers to execute each phase of their project effectively. It enables them to plan each task and activity meticulously, ensuring the highest chances of a project’s success.

Here are some examples of projects:

  • Software development
  • Building construction
  • Natural disaster relief efforts
  • Geographical sales expansion

The Professionals Behind Project Management

Projects are significant undertakings that require leadership and skill to execute successfully—this is where project managers shine.

Project managers use project management to implement various tools, techniques, and approaches. They have the skills, knowledge, and experience to motivate teams to meet a project’s needs and achieve its desired outcome.

Project managers are critical to the success of projects. And their skills are highly sought after to help organizations achieve their goals.


25 million project leaders are needed to meet global demands by 2030.

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Project Management Drives Change

Project management has always existed as an informal practice. But it didn’t emerge as a distinct profession until the mid-20th century, when a group of innovators realized that an evolving world would need new tools.

Fast forward a few decades and we find ourselves living in The Project EconomyProjects are now the driving force behind how we work, evolve, and deliver value.

This worldwide growth of project management proves its value as a:

It is now widely known that basic project management knowledge provides value to people in various roles and across a vast range of endeavors.

The project management profession has always played a major role in driving change. And it will continue to do so.


Earn a Project Management Certification

PMI offers certifications for every stage of your career. Each provides you with the tools to meet the demands of projects and employers worldwide.

Our professional certifications, allow you to work virtually anywhere in the world and with any project management methodology. This is especially true for those who earn the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification.

PMI certifications like the PMP supercharge careers for project professionals across various industries. And they help organizations find people with the skills to work smarter and enhance performance.

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Who is PMI?

Who is PMI? PMI is the world’s leading authority on project management. We maximize project success to elevate our world.

We prepare organizations and individuals to work smarter in our dynamic world through:

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