PMI Community in Times of Need

Together we can with the PMI global community

Bookmark IconThis page will continue to be updated. Please check back with us for latest ways PMI is taking action and our global community can support those impacted during this time of need and crisis.

Our global community of chapters and volunteers leads impact and supports others in times of difficulty, leveraging their expertise and experience to help in tangible and meaningful ways.

As a for-purpose, mission-driven professional association, we are focused on making the world a better place through project management. We value our diverse and inclusive community, and the passion and commitment our members and volunteers have for supporting one another and their local communities. We’ve created this page to connect our community and organizations, individuals, and resources, and to share the stories of community members and chapters making an impact around the world.

Are you in need?

Ready to volunteer?

  • Reference the CARE Emergency Toolkit (CET) to respond more effectively to more people faster in acute emergencies, but also in long-term situations.
  • Connect with your local chapter to participate in community volunteer efforts.

Other Ways to Support 

  • Donate to CARE International, a humanitarian aid organization focused on delivering emergency relief and supporting long-term development projects.
  • Make a donation to UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency which goes straight to worldwide field operations.
  • Bring lifesaving medical care to people in need around the world by donating to Doctors without Borders.


Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The PMI Global Community is united by a dedication to positive change through project management and shared culture values. In situations fraught with historical, political, and humanitarian complexities, it is crucial to recognize the significant loss of life and the anguish experienced by all impacted communities. It is also essential to hold space for multiple perspectives and understand that the path to peace and resolution is multifaceted.

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Earthquake in Türkiye & Syria

The PMI community is shocked and saddened by the suffering and loss of life experienced by the people of Türkiye and Syria. This devastating earthquake has impacted so many, and the harsh winter brings further hardship. To assist those impacted, we are donating to a locally active NGO partner.

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Solidarity with Ukraine

We at the Project Management Institute continue to be deeply disheartened by the senseless acts of violence and destruction stemming from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We stand in solidarity with Ukrainian people. We support Eastern European members and volunteers during this time of crisis.

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