Unlock innovative ways to drive project success through the power of generative AI. Dive into the tools, tips, and strategies designed to enhance your understanding of AI's role in project management.

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    How AI is Transforming the Workforce

    By Project Management Institute In the future of work, employers are looking to project professionals who can use AI to be more efficient. Learn how AI is transforming the workforce.

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    The Time for AI Governance Is Now

    By Keisha Lewis The time is now for AI Governance in project management. Learn more about how this structured approach can help improve projects.

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    The Power of the Prompt: GenAI Techniques, Skills, and Strategies for Project Professionals

    By Project Management Institute Discover why prompt engineering is a crucial skill for project professionals. Gain insights and learn how leaders can incorporate it into their toolkit.

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    Human-in-the-Loop: What Project Managers Need to Know

    By Project Management Institute "Human-in-the-loop” is an approach where human oversight is integrated into GenAI processes and systems. Learn how this will impact project managers.

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    A Better Approach to Enabling AI

    By Project Management Institute The future of agile is reshaping entire enterprises and the value they deliver. Learn more about how agile is changing here.

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    Using AI Tools to Make Meeting Minutes Magic!

    By Dave Garrett Using AI tools for meeting minutes is a simple way to start creating notes efficiently to free up valuable time for you to focus on other tasks.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Generative AI: You Have To Apply It To “Get” It

    By Dave Garrett This post discusses how PMI’s free generative AI course can help project professionals looking to master AI. Learn more here.