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Propel your career forward with leadership tips and career growth strategies. Discover the essential behaviors, skills, and certifications that will make you stand out from the crowd.

  • From Project Manager to PMO Leader

    From Project Manager to PMO Leader

    By Project Management Institute Taking on a role in the Project Management Office (PMO) can be a great fit for project managers who want to leverage their skills for broader organizational impact.

  • Your Personal Branding Project

    Your Personal Branding Project: A Project Professional’s Roadmap to Career Growth

    By Project Management Institute Discover the power of personal branding and how certifications like the CAPM® and PMP® can help you stand out in project management.

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    How to Use the PMI Salary Survey

    By Lenka Pincot The newly released PMI 2023 Salary Survey explores the salary landscape of PMP certification holders versus non-PMP professionals.

  • Achieving new heights

    Wanted: Leadership Not Just From the Top

    By David Altman To address the enormous challenges facing our world, we need leaders from all levels. David Altman shares the principles of leadership.

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    How to Decide Where to Take the PMP® Exam

    By Lenka Pincot Ready to take your PMP certification exam? Learn about the difference between in-person vs. online testing to help you decide where is best for you.

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    From Membership to Mentorship

    By Karla Eidem Karla Eidem talks with Eric Folsland, one of her mentees, about their mentorship relationship. Learn about how it works and the unexpected benefits!

  • Mentor and protege

    Become the Mentor You Wish You Had

    By Karla Eidem Learn about the value of career mentorship in this in-depth post about how mentors can positively shape the trajectory of your career.

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    My CAPM Certification Journey

    By Sierra Hampton-Simmons Sierra Hampton-Simmons recounts her experience taking the updated CAPM exam and details the value of taking the new-and-improved exam.

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    Stay Relevant and Resilient – Become a Lifelong Learner

    By Melissa Reeder Explore the importance of cultivating lifelong learning in your career and discover effective ways to stay relevant and resilient at work.

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    How to Use Your Summer Days Wisely

    By Karla Eidem Summer is in full swing! Get expert tips on how to take advantage of this social season and expand your personal and professional network.

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    Certifications Hold the Key for Ambitious, Young Project Professionals

    By Sierra Hampton-Simmons Sierra-Hampton Simmons shares insights about how young project professionals are empowering themselves by earning professional certifications.

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    How Young Professionals Can Stand Out in Today’s Job Market

    By Karla Eidem Karla Eidem shares findings from PMI’s new Job Prospect Survey, which delves into work-related perspectives of young professionals.

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    Boost Your Leadership Skills and Your Career Trajectory

    By Samir Mehta Learn how to boost your leaderships and the direct correlation it will have to your career trajectory whether or not it is a part of your job.

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    Struggling to Take Your Career to the Next Level? PMI Membership May Be Just the Boost You Need

    By Karla Eidem Having a PMI Membership can be a serious boost to your career. Learn about the benefits of having a PMI Membership here.

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    It’s Never Too Late to Future-Proof Your Career by Earning a Project Management Certification

    By Sierra Hampton-Simmons The right project management certification will enhance your skills, raise your professional stature and boost your competitiveness. Get started here.

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    The Power of Incrementalism Theory

    By David Altman David Altman explains the power of the incrementalism theory and how it is the best way to achieve consistent sustainable growth. Learn more here.

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    What Can the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Do for You?

    By Sierra Hampton-Simmons Benefits of having a PMP certification include earning potential, upskilling and reskilling opportunities. Learn more about the PMP Certification here.

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    Four Essential Skills to Future-Proof Your Career

    By Sierra Hampton-Simmons Employers are looking for people with multiple skills who can deliver extra value in everything they do. Learn how to avoid skill gaps in your career.

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    The Top 10 Project Management Skills You Need in Your Toolbelt

    By Pierre Le Manh PMI CEO Pierre Le Manh discusses how the project management landscape is changing and what skills will be most in demand in the future. Read it here.

  • Answering the Call for Authentic Leadership

    Answering the Call for Authentic Leadership

    By Brantlee Underhill In a VUCA world, authentic leadership is the antidote. Learn more about what authentic leadership is, why it's important and examples.