Project Management Playbook

Explore project management tips, tools, templates, and methodologies. From agile to predictive to hybrid, we’ve got you covered.

  • How to Manage Unpredictable Projects

    How to Manage Unpredictable Projects

    By Project Management Institute A project manager’s perspective on how “slicing” work in different ways can help you manage unpredictable projects. Learn more here.

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    How to Write a Problem Statement

    By Desiree Underwood-Williams Writing a problem statement is the best way to solve a problem. Here is a quick primer to help you write one and decide if AI can help!

  • Feeling Stuck Roadmap for Breaking out of Your Funk

    Feeling Stuck Roadmap for Breaking out of Your Funk

    By Curtis Hibbs Even the most agile team can sometimes feel stuck. Here we identify common “sticking points” and outline a roadmap for getting unstuck.

  • Three Ways to Optimize Your Project Life Cycle Using Agile

    Three Ways to Optimize Your Project Life Cycle Using Agile

    By Joshua Barnes PMI shares three approaches for optimizing the project life cycle to help you work more efficiently and effectively.

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    How to Cultivate an Agile Mindset

    By Joshua Barnes Joshua Barnes explores the elements of an agile mindset and what you can do to cultivate it in yourself and in your team. Learn more here.

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    Dive Into Agile Adoption: How to Prepare Your Team for Change

    By Mike Griffiths Mike Griffiths offers thoughts about how to prepare your team for change when adopting agile ways of working. Learn more here.

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    Breaking Agile Out of IT

    By Curtis Hibbs Explore agile developments outside the IT industry and discover how more industries are using agile principles to bring innovation to their work.

  • Work burnout

    Stamp Out Burnout on Your Teams

    By Brantlee Underhill Burnout has employees running for exits and untold cost on organizations. Read here to learn what we need to do to keep burnout at bay.

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    Agile and Emotional Intelligence: Inextricably Linked

    By Mike Griffiths Mike Griffiths discusses the importance of emotionally intelligent leadership and agile environments to set your teams up for success.

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    What’s Next for Agile?

    By Curtis Hibbs The future of agile is reshaping entire enterprises and the value they deliver. Learn more about how agile is changing here.

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    Neanderthals Used the Agile Mindset

    By Howard Sublett An agile mindset isn't about rules or formulas. Read here to learn why it’s so important and who some of the earliest practitioners may have been.

  • Alarm reset

    Four Signs Your Project Needs a Reset and Four Ways to Intervene

    By Tom Wujec Tom Wujec shares four warning signs that a project reset may be necessary and four strategies for getting it back on track.

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    The Top 10 Project Management Skills You Need in Your Toolbelt

    By Pierre Le Manh PMI CEO Pierre Le Manh discusses how the project management landscape is changing and what skills will be most in demand in the future. Read it here.

  • Guide to Sustainability and ESG

    Guide to Sustainability and ESG

    By Jennifer Tharp Sustainability is a critical business focus today. Project leaders can help organizations drive sustainability practices and ESG efforts forward.

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    Mastering Collaboration Within a Team

    By Tom Wujec Mastering collaboration within a team is more than an attitude; it’s a skill that you can foster and develop to deliver more successful projects.

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    How to Foster Psychological Safety in a Remote Work Environment

    By Dave Garrett Remote work isn't going anywhere, making it more important than ever to foster and maintain a psychologically safe work environment. Learn more.

  • Global PMO Maturity Index

    Global PMO Maturity Index

    By Joe Cahill Joe Cahill reviews three research studies that led to the development of the first-of-its-kind “Global PMO Maturity Index.” Learn more here.

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    Experiment with New Ways of Working

    By Scott Ambler If your team is unwilling to try new things, Scott Ambler offers advice on how to encourage them to experiment with new ways of working.

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    Defining the Standard of Construction Management

    By Benjamin Breen Construction project management has become more important to the future of global infrastructure. Hear about the latest developments here.

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    The Power of Visualization to Solve Problems

    By Tom Wujec Can't wrap your head around a particularly tough problem? It may be time to use the power of visualization. Learn more here.