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Platform Info

Welcome! The Partner Platform will be your central hub for managing your training program with PMI. Whether you’re an existing PMI Partner or a new one, the Platform will help our partners deliver an effective and seamless experience for your learners while making it easy to track progress and spending.


Please use the following guides to assist you throughout your usage of the platform.



About the Partner Platform


  • Our Partner Platform is designed to improve the experience for our partner organizations and their employees, PMI Authorized Training Partners (ATP) and their learners and instructors, our resellers, and our internal teams. 

    Learners and instructors use the PMI Partner Platform to gain access to a service-oriented platform that provides access to PMI® Authorized Training Partner Program Licensed Course Content for instructor-led training as well material purchased from their Authorized Training Partner or employer such as eLearning courses, PMI membership, or exam certification purchases.

  • The Partner Platform simplifies the process for our partner organizations, Authorized Training Partners, and resellers to access and manage our certifications, memberships, and training materials, and to distribute them to their learners, instructors, and employees. The platform is designed to prioritize automation over manual processing, and it enables organizations to control, manage, and monitor usage using self-service tools.

Features/ Enhancements


  • The Partner Platform follows a continuous release cycle, occurring every two weeks. Smaller enhancements will be released when they are ready, while larger development features will follow our PI planning process. Additional features will be communicated via email as they are rolled out.

  • If you have any ideas for additional features, please click the Give Feedback button on the Partner Platform or email [email protected].

Vouchers/ Promo codes


  • No, we are no longer creating Voucher codes for organizations on the platform. Instead, an organization requests the products for their employees/clients, invites the employee or student to access the platform and the employee or student can access and use the product. This will be a significant improvement to the user experience for our customers, and a simplified process for our internal teams.

  • No. Instead, an organization requests the products through their Account Manager and our sales team will incorporate any discounts directly into the Agreement on the Partner Platform. This will be a significant improvement for the Admin’s Agreement experience and will also simplify our internal processes.

The Partner Platform first phase


  • While the platform will be able to support agreements that contain most of our products, the first phase (current phase) will not support:

    • Micro-credentials (e.g., Construction certification)

    (or other products that are not sold through our e-commerce platform, such as Kickoff)

    • Group Student Memberships or bundles

    These products will be added to the platform in future releases.

Inside the Partner Platform


  • An Agreement is an order or deal that is generated based on the partner’s submission of their products, quantities, price, discount and Terms and Conditions. Previously known in the past as the Formstack submission created by the client and received by the PMI Account Manager.

  • Reach out to your contact at PMI to get started on creating a new agreement or if you have questions on a new agreement. Once you have agreed on a new agreement, it will be added to your account on the Partner Platform.

  • The leaner's training portal is where an organization’s employee or student will access the Partner Platform as an end user, from their MyPMI account, to consume the products to which they have been assigned by their Partner Platform Administrator.

  • There is a link to the PMI Partner Platform on the Home tab with an easy button “Copy Link” that you can email directly to any of your users if they have received an invite previously via email.

    If you believe the email invite has been blocked by email security or dumped into your Spam folder, then please reach out to the Partner Support team ASAP – [email protected] 

  • Yes, but if you do create a test user, please let your PMI contact know the test user details used so that once you have completed your testing we can remove their enrollment from the reporting tab.

  • From the home page of the Partner Platform, click on the tab on the left-hand menu and select “Settings.” Here you will be able to upload your company’s logo and write a welcome message for your users.

  • PMI content is considered consumed when the learner clicks "Confirm and Proceed":

    • In Certification – "Confirm and Proceed" button displays after clicking “I’m ready to enroll”
      I'm ready to enroll

      Confirm and proceed
    • In Online Courses - “Confirm and Proceed” button displays after clicking “Start Course”
      Start Course

      Confirm your selection
    • Individual Membership - “Confirm and Proceed” button displays after clicking “Become a PMI Member”
      Become a PMI Member

      Individual membership
  • Once a learner has consumed the PMI content (see “When is PMI content considered consumed?”), access to the content cannot be revoked.



  • No problem. Once they click on the invite link within the invitation email and navigate to login to MyPMI, they should be sure to login using the same MyPMI account as the one they have with their personal membership. The logins will link even if they have been invited with a different email address. The products that they are enrolled in will be associated with the MyPMI account that they previously had an account with.

  • Yes, if you have a list of users that you would like to add all at once, please download our .csv template provided. Populate the template and upload it to the ‘add new users by email’ page.

  • From the home page of the Partner Platform, click on the tab on the left-hand menu and select “People.” Here you will see a list of all users on your account, regardless of specific agreement they are associated with (if you have more than one agreement). Only as an Administrator do you have the power to remove users. You can click on “Remove” which will disable their access. If you change your mind or click this by accident, you can click “Restore” which will enable their access again. *NOTE: ONLY end users can be restored, Administrators cannot be restored once they have been removed. Be incredibly careful when removing someone!*

  • From the home page of the Partner Platform, click on the tab on the left-hand menu and select “Reports.” From there you will see different sections depending on the products outlined in your agreement. Under the product name, click on one of the names to see a more detailed view of this product’s particular metrics. After clicking on an individual product, you will be brought to a dashboard for that product. On the right-hand side, you should see “Certification breakdown by status.” If you would like to see a list of names/emails for each of the status reasons, click on “Total” and a list will appear for all the users that fall under that particular status.

  • Yes, they can be invited to the Partner Platform as an “Administrator” with customized access to specific agreements. From the People tab, click on the Administrators tab and click “Invite Admin.” You will then be prompted to indicate which type of Administrator access you want them to have. Click Custom, where you will be able to select which agreements that they have administrative access to.

  • Yes, they can be invited to the Partner Platform as “Reporter” rather than an “Administrator” or “End User.” From the People tab, click on the Administrators tab and click “Invite Admin.” You will then be prompted to indicate which type of Administrator access you want them to have. Click Reporter, which will allow them to view the Partner Platform but unable to make changes/invite users/etc.

Products and Product Groups


  • Reach out to your PMI Point of Contact, listed on the home page of the Partner Platform. Together, you can work to create a new order/ agreement.

  • Currently, no. This is in our queue of enhancements to be made to the platform. When this view becomes available, the PMI team will let you know.

Support on the Partner Platform


  • If you have a question or something is not working for you on the platform, please send an email to: [email protected] . You may also report an issue or provide general feedback by clicking on the “Give Feedback” button through the platform. It is displayed in a small purple box on the right-hand side of all tabs in the Platform. The Partner Support email inbox is monitored by a team of five PMI staff who are ready to help you.