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Platform Info

Welcome to the PMI Partner Platform! We’re excited to be a part of your learning journey. Please use the following guides to assist you throughout your usage of the platform.


About the Partner Platform


  • Our new Partner Platform is designed to improve the experience for our B2B customer organizations and their employees, PMI Authorized Training Partners (ATP) resellers and their learners, and for our own internal teams. The platform is a user portal where organizations and PMI Authorized Training Partners (ATP) resellers can self-administer access to certifications, memberships and learning courses to their employees or learners, and manage and track product usage.

  • Currently, B2B orders and transactions are made through our normal “B2C” (Business to Consumer) systems. B2B transactions have a distinct set of needs and requirements, so this approach leads to challenges for both our customers and our internal teams.

    The new platform makes it easier for B2B organizations and resellers to obtain and manage PMI’s certifications, memberships, and training for resale or internal corporate use. The platform design emphasizes automation with minimal manual processing and creates the ability for organizations to administer, manage and monitor usage via self-service tools.

Features/ Enhancements


  • The Partner Platform follows a continuous release cycle, occurring every two weeks. Smaller enhancements will be released when they are ready, while larger development features will follow our PI planning process. Additional features will be communicated via email to your Partner Platform Administrator as they are rolled out.

  • If you have any ideas for additional features, please click on the “Give Feedback” button within the Training Hub or send an email to [email protected].

Inside the Training Hub


  • The Training Hub is where an organization’s employee or student will access the Partner Platform as an End User, and from where the End User will be able to access PMI membership, eLearning courses and certifications that they have been assigned from their Partner Platform Administrator.

  • No problem. Once you click on the invite link, within the invitation email, and navigate to login to PMI, you can register as a new user using the email address that the invite link was sent to.

  • No problem. Once you click on the invite link within the invitation email and navigate to login to PMI, please login using your personal PMI account username and password. You will then be prompted to enter your business email (to which the invitation email was sent) so that we can link your business email to your personal PMI account. You will then be able to see any courses or certifications in the Training Hub that are ongoing or that you have previously completed.

  • If you cannot find the email in your Inbox then please check your Spam or Junk folders. If you believe that the email invite has been blocked by your organization; quarantined for example, then please reach out to your Partner Platform Administrator or your IT department to allow emails from [email protected] and [email protected].

  • You can login to and from the dashboard you can either click on your name in the top right corner and click on the “Your Organization’s Training Hub” tab underneath the library tab or alternatively, you can find it on the left-hand side of the screen under the “Courses Library” tab.

Data sharing


  • We ask you to share your data so that PMI can run a seamless experience for you as a User, and for your organization that has invited you to use “Your Organization’s Training Hub.” To provide on-demand access to reporting and employee usage data, while obviously keeping aligned with data protection acts.

  • The User can opt out of sharing their data at any time, but please note that this will remove your access to “Your Organization’s Training Hub.”



  • Upon logging in successfully to “Your Organization’s Training Hub,” the products that you have been assigned will be displayed on your Homepage.

  • Please reach out to your Partner Platform Administrator to request PMI membership. They can then purchase memberships from PMI. Or alternatively you can purchase PMI membership directly yourself through your account on myPMI.

  • Please reach out to your Partner Platform Administrator, so that they can check which products that they have assigned to you and if necessary, they will contact the Partner Platform Support Team, who will assist you.

  • You will not have to pay for any products that you see in your Homepage in your “Your Organization’s Training Hub.” These eLearnings or Certifications have been purchased by your organization and assigned to you.

    If you do see a “Pay for Exam” message, then please make sure that you have logged back into  “Your Organization’s Training Hub” and back to your Homepage. From there you will see the learning products that have been assigned to you, with no checkout screen.



Applying for a PMI Certification/ Exam


  • On the Homepage of the Training Hub, click on the “Apply Now” button:

    How do I apply?

    You will be asked to “Confirm and Proceed” and then you will be redirected to the certification application page.

    Please complete your Academic and Professional Education along with your Professional Experience to advance through the application process. Please note that you can always return to your application to complete it, if necessary. The certification card in the Training Hub will show a “Continue Application” button where the “Apply Now” button was before.

    Once you have completed your Professional Education you will be prompted to continue to the  Exam Details page next, or alternatively you can return to myPMI:

    How do I apply?

    If you clicked on “Continue to Exam Details” you will need to verify your personal information, address etc. Then you can click on “Submit Application.”

  • Once your application has been accepted, and as your organization has already paid for your exam, you will need to log back into the Training Hub to schedule it. Even if you see that the  application shows “Pay for Exam” in your myPMI account, please log back into “Your Organization’s Training Hub” to access your active Certification application from there:

    How do I schedule my exam?

    Once you are back to your Training Hub’s Homepage, click on “I’m ready to enroll”:

    How do I schedule my exam?

    You should then see a message highlighted in blue that reads “This certification is processing and will be available soon (usually less than a minute)”. Under your Certification, you will then see that you are ready to schedule your exam:

    How do I schedule my exam?

    Click on “Review Exam Information”. You will be redirected back to your myPMI account and into your “My Certifications” page.

    How do I schedule my exam?

    Click on “Review Exam Information”. You will be redirected back to your myPMI account and into your “My Certifications” page.

    Next, click on “Schedule Exam”.

    How do I schedule my exam?

    Your exam is now scheduled, and PMI wishes you “Good luck”!!

Support on the Partner Platform


  • If you have a question or something is not working for you on the Training Hub, please send an email to: [email protected]. You may also report an issue or provide general feedback by clicking on the “Give Feedback” button in the Training Hub. It displays in a small purple box on the right-hand side of all tabs in the Training Hub. The Partner Support email inbox is monitored by a team of PMI staff who are ready to help you 😊