PMI Certification Application / Renewal Agreement

  1. I agree to satisfy and conduct myself in accordance with all PMI certification program policies and requirements, including this Agreement and the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (as they may be revised from time to time); and I shall maintain confidentiality of PMI examination questions and content. Furthermore, I agree not to discuss, debrief or disclose, in any manner, the specific content of PMI examination questions and answers, to any individual. 
  2. I agree that I shall at all times act in a truthful and honest manner and provide truthful and accurate information to PMI. I agree that any intentional or unintentional failure to provide true, timely and complete responses to questions in this application or renewal form may lead to further investigation and/or sanctions by PMI. I also agree to promptly report to PMI any possible violations of the terms of this Agreement or the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct by PMI members or by persons who have applied for a PMI certification or have been awarded a certification by PMI.
  3. I agree to notify the PMI Certification Department in a timely manner of changes concerning the information I have provided, including my current address and telephone number.
  4. I have reported, and will continue to report, to the PMI Certification Department, within sixty (60) days of occurrence, any matters, proceedings, lawsuits, settlements and/or other agreements, administrative agency actions, or organizational actions relating to my profession or occupation, including all complaints relating to my professional activities as a project management practitioner, and matters or proceedings involving, but not limited to certification, certifying, malpractice, disciplinary ethics or similar matters. I also agree to promptly report, within sixty (60) days of occurrence, any felony criminal charges, convictions, or plea agreements or other criminal charges, convictions, or plea agreements relating to acts of dishonesty or unethical conduct.
  5. I agree that if my compliance with any of the terms of this agreement requires or includes an explanation and supporting documents, I will provide a complete and accurate explanation and true copies of the materials to the PMI Certification Department with this application.
  6. I agree that the PMI Certification Department has the right to communicate with any person, government agency or organization to review or confirm the information in this application or any other information related to my application for PMI certification. Further, I agree to and authorize the release of any information requested by the PMI Certification Department for such review and confirmation.
  7. I agree that the PMI certification status does not imply licensure, registration or government authorization to practice project management or to engage in related activities.
  8. I agree that all materials that I submit to the PMI Certification Department become the property of the PMI Certification Department, and that the PMI Certification Department is not required to return any of these materials to me.
  9. I agree that upon achieving the PMI certification, my name may be posted on the PMI website as part of an Online Registry to be created and maintained by PMI.
  10. I agree that information related to my participation in the PMI certification process may be used in an anonymous manner for research purposes only.
  11. I agree that all disputes relating in any way to my application for a PMI certification and/or my involvement generally in a PMI certification program, will be resolved solely and exclusively by means of PMI Certification Department policies, procedures and rules, including the Appeals Process.
  12. PMI reserves the right to suspend or revoke the certification of any individual who is determined to have failed to uphold, or otherwise breached this Agreement, or committed a violation of the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. 
  13. PMI conducts statistical analyses (data forensics) of test administration data to look for evidence of validity issues or misconduct. PMI may use these analyses to take remedial action including, but not limited to, cancellation of exam scores and revocation of certification. A candidate whose exam score is canceled based on statistical evidence alone may be permitted to retake the exam if they have eligibility remaining and after they have paid the reexamination fee. PMI reserves the right to place restrictions on exam retakes, including limiting candidates to in-person testing, in order to protect the validity and integrity of the exam.
  14. I release and indemnify PMI and the PMI Certification Department from all liability and claims that may arise out of, or be related to, my project management and related activities.
  15. I hereby release, discharge and indemnify PMI, its directors, officers, members, examiners, employees, attorneys, representatives, agents and the PMI Certification Department from any actions, suits, obligations, damages, claims or demands arising out of or in connection with this application, the scores given with respect to the examination or any other action taken by PMI with regard to certifying, testing and professional development including, but not limited to, all actions related to ethics matters and cases. I understand and agree that any decision concerning my qualification for any certification, as well as any decisions regarding my continuing qualification for any certification and my compliance with the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, rest within the sole and exclusive discretion of PMI, and that these decisions are final. 

This Agreement may be updated or revised from time to time. It is your responsibility to obtain the most up-to-date copy online. Document last updated September 2023.