Exam Accommodations

We strive to meet the needs of all aspiring certification holders, including those who need exam accommodations due to disability or chronic health condition. Follow the process below if you require exam accommodation(s).

First, complete the initial steps of the application process:

  • Fulfill the eligibility criteria for the certification you are pursuing.
  • Complete the certification application.
  • We will review your application to ensure eligibility requirements have been met and make an approval decision.

If approved, next you’ll request your exam accommodations:

  • Read the Exam Accommodations Guidelines document in detail.
  • Provide payment for the certification.
  • During the online payment process, you will be prompted to indicate if you require exam accommodations.
  • Once you submit payment, you will receive an email requesting that you submit supporting documentation. Complete the Accommodations Request form and include any supporting documentation.
  • Forms and documentation can be submitted at our Contact Us page.  


  • We process exam accommodation requests as quickly as possible, however some may require more time to arrange than others. We will respond within 30 days.

  • If you only need to bring a small personal item, check the Pearson VUE guidelines for medically-related, pre-approved items that are permissible at the testing center. For these items, you need not make an accommodations request.

    For other types of accommodations, such as extra time or separate room, you will need to place a formal test accommodations request and follow the process outlined above.

  • No, there are no additional fees for exam accommodations.

  • No, your existing appointment will need to be cancelled in order to arrange exam accommodations. Once your existing appointment is cancelled you can then arrange accommodations according to the exam accommodations guidelines. Please note, you are subject to cancellation fees if you cancel your appointment less than 30 days from the scheduled appointment date.

  • Yes. Candidates who require certain exam accommodations may be able to schedule an online proctored exam. Please submit the completed accommodation forms and verification to determine the appropriate modality for you to test.

  • Yes. In certain instances, candidates may be provided with the ability to ‘stop-the-clock’ during the exam to tend to their needs and then restart to continue the exam.