Built Environment Project Communication Pro

Introducing Built Environment Project Communication Pro

We are excited to introduce the first micro-credential (course and exam) from a new developing series focused on the construction industry - Built Environment Project Communication Pro.

Ineffective communication on the job leads to confusion, frustration and distrust amongst key stakeholders. This has impacts on worker morale and productivity. This course focuses on the power of effective communication and how to improve on this skill specifically in a construction environment. You will learn how to create a communication strategy and plan, increase stakeholder buy-in, influence without authority, increase collaboration and apply principles of commitment-based management.

Topics Covered in this Course Include:

  1. The Importance of Effective Communication in Engineering & Construction Projects

  2. Communication Strategy & Communication Plan

  3. Stakeholder Management for Communication

  4. The Importance of Active Listening

  5. Formal Communications – Governance & Project Structures

  6. Using ‘The Big Room’ (Obeya)

  7. Commitment-Based Management

  8. Project Management Information Systems 

  9. Evidence-Based Communication using the Compass Diagnostic Tool

Earn a Micro-Credential

Upon completion of the course, you will be eligible to test your understanding to earn a micro-credential badge.


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