Disciplined Agile

Tips for Effective Agile Planning

As a team we need to plan what we are going to do and how we’re going to do it. There are different ways that we can plan, different times that we can do it, and different scopes that we can address. Although planning can be hard, and plans often prove to be inaccurate in practice, the act of planning is quite valuable because we think through what we’re doing before we do it. Here are several heuristics about planning that will help guide our decision making:

  • It’s easier to plan small things than large things.
  • The people who are responsible for doing the work are more likely to produce a good plan than people who aren’t.
  • It’s easier to plan work that you’re just about to do compared with work in the future.
  • People who have done similar work before are likely to produce a better plan than people who haven’t.
  • Multiple people are likely to produce a better plan than someone planning alone.

February 2022