Disciplined Agile

Produce a Potentially Consumable Solution

This Construction process goal describes how our team will build or configure a solution for our stakeholders that best meets their current needs. A consumable solution is not only shippable, it is also usable and desirable by our stakeholders. This goal addresses planning, analysis, design, and programming aspects of development (other aspects are addressed by the goal Accelerate Value Delivery). To be effective, we need to consider several important questions:

  • How will we plan how we’ll work together?
  • What programming approach will we take?
  • How will we explore the problem space?
  • How will we architect and design the solution?
  • How will we approach deliverable documentation?
  • How will we ensure that our solution is consumable?

Goal - Construction - Produce a Potentially Consumable Solution

More Information

Choose Your WoW!

The strategies/practices referenced in the goal diagram above are described, including the trade-offs involved and considerations for when (not) to apply them, in the book Choose Your WoW! A Disciplined Agile Delivery Handbook for Optimizing Your Way of Working.

If you want to succeed at enterprise agile you need choices, not prescriptions.