Disciplined Agile

Value Stream Roles

The value streams layer encompasses the capabilities required to provide value streams to your customers. A value stream begins, ends, and hopefully continues with a customer. A value stream is the set of actions that take place to add value for customers from the initial request through realization of value by the customers. This includes activities around Strategy, Portfolio Management, Product Management, Governance, Business Operations, and other capabilities. The following table summarizes many of the roles, that appear in the value streams level of the DA™ tool kit. It is important to note that many of these roles should also be considered Disciplined Agile Enterprise (DAE) roles because the corresponding process blades straddle both layers.

Table 1. Disciplined Agile® roles that support DAIT.

Role Responsibilities Process Blade(s)

Community of Practice (CoP) Lead

  • Guides CoP members in gaining new knowledge
  • Provides career guidance to CoP members
  • Organizes training and certification opportunities for CoP members

Continuous Improvement

External Auditor

  • Audits teams within your organization, or the entire organization itself, for compliance to industry regulations
  • Not an employee of your organization, they typically work for a government agency or for a professional services firm
  • They will assess you for compliance and report where, if at all, you need to improve



  • Coordinates and oversees your corporate governance efforts
  • Ensures that governance/control is as lean and flexible as possible
  • Works with executives to develop governance strategies
  • Works with internal auditors to ensure compliance


Internal Auditor

  • An auditor who works for your organization
  • They are very familiar with the applicable regulations
  • Teaches people about applicable regulations
  • Works with teams to help them identify what they need to do to be compliant
  • Assesses teams, potentially simulating an external audit, to determine level of compliancy
  • Works with external auditors to help them to gain access to the people and materials they require to audit


Marketing Analyst

  • Works with marketing team and product management to identify market trends and needs
  • Collects and analyzes market data to identify potential customer needs
  • Analyzes data generated by your organization from the delivery of offerings (products and services) to your customers
  • May work with delivery teams as a market domain expert


Marketing Manager

  • Functional manager who leads the marketing team within your organization
  • Guides the product management efforts
  • Supports and often leads strategic planning across product and service management efforts
  • Leads/guides the advertising and public relations activities


Portfolio Manager

  • Leads the identification of new potential delivery endeavors/initiatives/projects, collaborating closely with Product Managers
  • Initiates experiments to explore the viability of potential endeavors
  • Oversees ongoing delivery teams
  • Plans IT capability, collaborating with Human Resource managers to do so
  • Manages relationships with vendors
  • Guides and mentors Program Managers (if any) and Team Leads
  • Works closely with the IT Governance team and is often a member of it

Portfolio Management

Process Engineer

  • Guides the development of common standards and guidelines
  • Helps teams to document their processes, often due to regulatory requirements, in a concise manner
  • Monitors process improvements made by teams
  • Promotes communication of process improvements and learnings across teams

Continuous Improvement

Product Manager

  • Develops and evolves the business roadmap
  • Explores and prioritizes potential product ideas, collaborating with your Portfolio Manager to do so
  • Manages functional dependencies between products
  • Markets products both internally within your organization and externally
  • Provide direction to Product Owners
  • May take on role of Product Owner on delivery teams

Product Management

Public Relations (PR) Specialist

  • Works with marketing and product management to promote good will for your organization or one or more of its offerings
  • Monitors and analyzes media coverage
  • Develop publicity material


Sales Engineer

  • Sells offerings, either products or services, to customers
  • Has intimate knowledge of the offering that they sell
  • Answers customer questions, or ensures that the questions get answered, during the sales process


Sales Manager

  • Functional manager who leads a sales team
  • Monitors customer feedback and preferences to guide sales efforts
  • Resolve customer complaints about sales and services
  • Work with product management to determine price and discount schedules for an offering