Disciplined Agile

DAD Life Cycle – Continuous Delivery: Agile

The Continuous Delivery: Agile life cycle is a natural progression from the Agile life cycle. Teams typically evolve to this life cycle from the Agile life cycle, often adopting iteration lengths of one-week or less. The key difference between this and the Agile life cycle is that the continuous delivery life cycle results in a release of new functionality at the end of each iteration rather than after a set of iterations. Teams require a mature set of practices around continuous integration and continuous deployment and other Disciplined DevOps strategies.

Lifecycle cd agile

Figure 1. DAD’s Continuous Delivery: Agile life cycle (click to expand).

When to Apply This Life Cycle

The Continuous Delivery: Agile life cycle is suitable when:

  • Solutions that can be delivered to stakeholders in a frequent and incremental basis
  • Work remains relatively stable within an iteration
  • Organizations with streamlined deployment practices and procedures
  • Projects where getting value into the hands of stakeholders rapidly, before the entire solution is complete, is critical
  • Teams have mature DevOps practices in place including continuous integration, continuous deployment, and automated regression testing
  • The team is long-lived (stable), working on a series of releases over time