Disciplined Agile

Organize Metrics

This ongoing process goal describes strategies to organize the metrics strategy within your team. This strategy will be driven both by your team's culture and skills as well as the needs of your stakeholders - your metrics will likely need to "roll up" to the program or portfolio level.

Your metrics strategy will focus on several important questions:

  • What is the focus of our measurement strategy?
  • How will we communicate measures both within the team and externally to our stakeholders?
  • How will we measure?
  • What types of measures will we take and communicate?
2021 Project Management Institute Organize Metrics v5.2 Choose Measurement Focus Measure outcomes Measure outputs Measure inputs Communicate Measurements Audio Pull Push Text Visual Choose Measurement Strategy Goal Question Metric (GQM) (agile) Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Goal Question Metric (formal) Consistent metrics Popular metrics None Choose Measurement Type Automated Leading/predictive Manual Production Production capability Ranged Scalar Trailing/lagging Trend

Figure 1. The Organize Metrics process goal diagram (click to enlarge)