Disciplined Agile

People First

People, and how they work together, are the primary determinants of success.

In Disciplined Agile® (DA), we have always promoted a “people first” philosophy. This shows in the DA principles of be awesome and delight customers, the DA promises to create psychological safety and embrace diversity, and the DA guidelines to create effective environments that foster joy and create semi-autonomous, self-organizing teams

Motivating Individuals

People are intrinsically motivated by three things: mastery, autonomy, and purpose.

Power Skills

Power skills are the behaviors that enable people to succeed. 

Common Team Roles

There are common roles that people fill on Disciplined Agile teams.

Specialist Roles

There are specialist roles pertinent to each process blade. 

Rights and Responsibilities

One way to define expected behavior is to negotiate the rights and responsibilities that people have.