Disciplined Agile

Guideline: Create Effective Environments That Foster Joy

To paraphrase the Agile Manifesto, awesome teams are built around motivated individuals who are given the environment and support required to fulfill their objectives. Part of being awesome is having fun and being joyful. We want working in our company to be a great experience so we can attract and keep the best people. Done right, work is play.

We can make our work more joyful by creating an environment that allows us to work together well. A key strategy to achieve this is to allow teams to be self-organizing—to let them choose and evolve their own WoW, organizational structure, and working environments. Teams must do so in an enterprise-aware manner—meaning we need to collaborate with other teams, and there are organizational procedures and standards we must follow and constraints on what we can do. The job of leadership is to provide a good environment for teams to start in and then to support and enable teams to improve as they learn over time.