Disciplined Agile

The “Workflow” of a DAE

The following figure overviews the “workflow” of a DAE. The diagram is arguably not a workflow diagram because the focus is on showing the enterprise-level process blades of the DA Toolkit and their high-level outputs. Because your organization is unique and constantly evolving, more on these concepts later, your workflow will vary. Furthermore, because your organization is complex your workflow will be similarly complex and almost fully connected (each process blade will produce something that is consumed by almost every other process blade and will in turn consume outputs from almost every other blade). As a result we’ve taken a simpler approach to depicting the “workflow” and how each blade produces something that is shared with the rest of the organization. The implication is that each blade also consumes what it needs to do so (not shown on the following diagram for the sake of simplicity).

DAE Workflow

How each DAE process blade influences the others (click to expand).