Disciplined Agile

Why Marketing?

A Disciplined Agile® (DA) approach to marketing is important because you need to:

  1. Generate revenue from your organization’s offerings. The fundamental goal of marketing is to collaborate with your product and service teams to help them to sell their offerings.
  2. Present and manage your organizational image. Your marketing efforts must answer important questions about your organization – Who are you? Why are you? What do you believe? What value do you offer?
  3. Communicate with your customers and partners. For your organization to properly align and work with your customers and partners you need to communicate with them clearly and regularly. This includes both existing customers and partners and potential customers and partners.
  4. Evolve your marketing strategy as your environment evolves. It is critical that you actively sense what is occurring in the marketplace, adapt your strategy, and then respond appropriately in a timely manner. This enables your organization to continue to hit a constantly moving target.
  5. Educate and coach staff in marketing fundamentals. Marketing teams cannot succeed alone, but instead must partner with the entire organization. Helping your colleagues better understand the fundamentals of marketing and helping them to amplify your voice on social media and other venues, results in a loud and consistent voice. 

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