Disciplined Agile

Why Sales?

There are several reasons why a Disciplined Agile ® approach to sales is important: 

  1. Delight customers by selling them the right offerings for them. Sales isn’t just about selling, it’s about selling and then supporting the right offerings (products or services) to your customers. To do this, sales professionals will need to work closely with product management to ensure they are selling offerings that your organization actually has, or will soon have.  They will also work with business operations to ensure that new customers are brought into your overall ecosystem effectively.
  2. Generate revenue from your organization’s offerings. An important aim of sales is to generate revenue, and in the case of for-profit organizations to increase profit. The sales team will need to work closely with marketing to do so as they are also tasked with generating revenue for your organization.
  3. Help the organization grow. Your sales efforts will hopefully help your organization to grow in the long term, both by bringing on new customers as well as by expanding your offerings sold to existing customers. Sales will work closely with both product management and marketing to achieve this.
  4. Educate and coach staff in the fundamentals of sales. Everyone in your organization must understand how sales can and do happen. Anyone who isn't selling may be missing an opportunity to help your organization grow.

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