Disciplined Agile

Why Should Your Organization Adopt Disciplined Agile®?

Retain your existing investment in agile, lean, and traditional ways of working (WoW) and improve steadily from there.

Here are several reasons why your organization should adopt the Disciplined Agile® (DA) tool kit:

1. With DA you start where you are and improve from there.

2. DA provides support for the entire range of complexities faced by your teams. Every person, team, and organization is unique. To make this work effectively you need a tool kit that can provide practical choices you can incorporate, tailor, and evolve to address the situation you face.

3. DA is a more adaptable and effective way to help your organization become more agile. DA approaches the work much differently than the rigid, one-size-fits-all frameworks such as SAFe® or LeSS. While they may seem like an attractive solution that can solve your process-related needs, in reality these frameworks do not address the full range of complexities that an organization faces. Force-fitting them into situations where they don’t apply often does more harm than good. Luckily, you can use the DA tool kit to extend and tailor those frameworks to become a better fit for your needs.

4. Disciplined Agile embraces practical techniques from a wide range of agile, lean, and traditional sources. DA does the work of putting these sources into context so that you don't have to. Because DA is agnostic it’s not restricted to the ideas of adopting a single method, or paradigm. Disciplined Agile provides your organization with viable choices and advice so you can select the most appropriate techniques for the situation you face.

5. DA enables you to increase your rate of process improvement. Agile organizations that successfully improve their way of working (WoW) do so via Kaizen, a strategy that uses a series of small, experiment-driven improvements. The DA tool kit contains straightforward guidance for identifying potential improvements that are likely to work in the context that you face, enabling your teams to reduce the number of failed experiments and increase the rate of overall improvement.

6. DA supports all types of teams, not just software development teams. DA provides support to all types of teams with the Disciplined Agile tool kit. The DA tool kit contains four foundational layers that can optimize your entire way of working (WoW) at the team and at the enterprise level. These layers include:

  • Foundation
  • Disciplined DevOps
  • Value Streams
  • Disciplined Agile Enterprise (DAE)

Only the second layer (Disciplined DevOps) focuses on software teams. This means your marketing team, your procurement team, your sales team, and other teams within the enterprise can also benefit from becoming a more agile organization.

7. Disciplined Agile provides consistent governance across disparate teams. Traditional management can often become concerned when they hear that DA teams choose and evolve their own WoW. This can be intimidating but DA provides a strategy that directly addresses lean governance at the Enterprise level.

8. Disciplined Agile is the foundation for enterprise agility. Attaining enterprise agility for your organization is not just about enhancing teams, but how your entire organization can become more competitive, how it can regularly delight your customers, and how it can continue to evolve and improve over time. The DA tool kit can provide you with the know-how and vision to create an effective agile organizational structure that can generate additional value for your customer.