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AI in Project Management

Ready to take your project management skills to the next level? Discover new tools, take our interactive learning in generative AI, and join the community conversation at our all-new AI Resource Center.

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Career Navigator

Based on your career aspirations, Navigator creates personalized goals for you to achieve—learning and growing alongside you throughout your career journey.

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Projectified Podcast

Projectified® is a lively forward-looking series of conversations about hot topics and emerging trends impacting the world of project managers, from digital transformation to artificial intelligence to career development. 

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Student Resources

So you’re studying project management, or building a project skillset. Or maybe just learning about project careers.

We have the tools and student resources to get you to your professional development goals.

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Early Career Resources

The demand for project professionals is skyrocketing. We help career starters like you to get the student resources, tools and know-how for success.

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The Most Influential Projects

In a time of uncertainty and upheaval, bold projects are paving the way to a new future, as demonstrated by this year’s Most Influential Projects honorees.

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Future 50

A new generation of project talent has risen around the world. To better understand how to harness the power of future-focused project professionals, we’ve delved deep into their world.

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Disciplined Agile

True business agility comes from freedom, not frameworks. Disciplined Agile helps you learn about your options and guides you to your best next step.

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Try this new digital solution for instant access to the PMI standards, guides, how-to content and more—all tailored to industry, approach and goals.

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PMI Picks™

For professionals in project management who want smart, bite-sized learnings that fit into their schedules.

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Basics in Disciplined Agile Course

There may be better, more effective ways to use agile. Disciplined Agile can help you find the right agile solution for your situation or project. Learn how with Basics of Disciplined Agile Online Course and save.

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Virtual Experience Series

We are navigating a world defined by challenge and change. Embrace the opportunity, and make a new reality.

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