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Transform your teaching with our curriculum guidelines and resources, tailor-made to fit any course structure. Whether you're launching a new project management class or weaving its principles into existing courses, our materials offer the flexibility to align with your unique teaching style and student needs.

With the global demand for project management surging—88 million roles by 2027—there's never been a better time for academic institutions to prepare students for these critical opportunities.

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Contains thirty knowledge modules that can be blended to create a design that meets the needs of your students.

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Case Studies

Help students understand how theory and practice work together to solve real-world problems, placing them in various project roles to practice analytical skills.

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Course Syllabi

Pre-made PMI course content. Two full syllabi for teaching fundamentals and another for leadership and communication.

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Capstone Projects

Contains guidelines for both courses commonly built toward a final project and PM programs for a capstone experience as well as other activities.

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Published Resources

Desk copies of PMI-published books are available to educators who want to use them as a course text. You must have a university email address.