Research Funding Opportunities

PMI research grants support new academic research with the intent to advance knowledge in project, program and portfolio management. Awards of up to US$50,000 are granted to selected recipients.

Sponsored Research Program

The annual call for proposals begins 1 February, with deadline for submissions on 25 April.

Apply for Sponsored Research Funding

Proposed research must have direct application to some aspect of the project management body of knowledge or its practice.

The Request for Proposals is currently open now through 25 April 2019. Visit Application and Guidelines to submit.

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Published Research

Final deliverables of PMI funded research include practitioner summaries, white papers, publications in Project Management Journal ®, and presentations at PMI congresses and allied conferences, among others.  

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Thesis Research Program

The annual funding cycle begins 1 April, with deadline for submissions on 15 May.

The PMI Thesis Research Grant Program supports doctoral and master’s thesis research in project, program and portfolio management. Applications are accepted from part-time and full-time doctoral and master’s students at accredited colleges and universities.

The Request for Proposals is currently closed. The 2020 Request for Proposals will open 1 April 2019. Visit Application and Guidelines to submit.


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