The fine art of delegation

For project managers, doing too much can lead to burnout, poor performance and a frustrated team. This article discusses how delegating can lead to stress-free project work. It explains how effective delegation means finding the middle ground between trying to do it all and putting too much on team members' shoulders. It then examines how overwhelmed team members and under-utilized team members can both be problematic. The article overviews maintaining balance between over- and under-delegating, noting that establishing a regular check-in procedure prevents problematic workloads. Next, it discusses how a leader's ability to leverage each team member's core competencies and align them with the tasks at hand leads to a project success. It then explores the necessary initial step at the beginning of a project: securing team members' buy-in for their specific tasks. It concludes by listing four types of tasks that should never be delegated. Accompanying the article is a sidebar identifying the four steps to devel
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