A review of cost/schedule control systems criteria literature

The United States Department of Defense has required that contractors' management control systems comply with Cost/Schedule Control Systems Criteria (C/SCSC) since 1967. The two main objectives of C/SCSC are to ensure that contractors use management control systems that are effective in meeting requirements and controlling contract performance, and to ensure that data provided by the contractor are valid, timely, and verifiable. There have been hundreds of articles regarding this topic over the years, but many public libraries do not carry the journals in which the articles are published. Furthermore, many of the articles are published in journals not indexed in popular indices. This article is an attempt to review the literature for articles published about C/SCSC. Journals that frequently publish C/SCSC related articles are identified, as well as a topic list for the subjects of Nontechnical Introduction to C/SCSC, Implementation and Surveillance Issues, and Analysis.
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