Implementing project management in AT&T's business communications system

the need for coordination, cooperation and communication

This lengthy article describes how AT&T-after the divestiture of the Bell System and reorganization of the corporation-met the challenge of implementing an effective differentiating project management organization. Changing culture and attitudes meant altering the normal work mentality of AT&T personnel, teaching managers to manage for profitability at a priority equal to service, developing a Project Manager Qualification Matrix, establishing networks for peer level support and state-of-the-art methods, and overhauling the company's compensation system. It was decided to place the project management organization within the corporate financial organization since the Project Manager's responsibility is to watch out for the corporate bottom line. In order to provide consistent delivery, the company needed to utilize standardized methods, tools, and performance reporting. Beginning in 1987, numerous Project Kickoff Workshops were held for specific projects and to provide training in the basics of project managem
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