Bad Creek Pumped-Storage Hydro Station

success by many measures

This article describes the Bad Creek Hydroelectric Project, a 1,065-megawatt power station constructed in South Carolina, United States,by Duke Power Company, the nation's seventh-largest investor-owned electric utility. In addition to construction of the power station itself, the project involved the building of dams and dikes, the excavation of a cavern in the Blue Ridge Mountains to house the power station, and the building of over 2.75 miles of tunnels and shafts. Management authority and accountability resided with the project's 'overall manager' from the Construction and Maintenance Department (CMD), who reported directly to an executive vice president. Safety and quality control were major concerns, and management emphasized communication in order to gain employee commitment to project goals. Also discussed in this article are the management of people, materials management, and planning and scheduling. The need for early staffing and the advantage of having design engineers on site were among the lessons learned.
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