A pilot study in benchmarking project management

benefits and liabilities

As more organizations are understanding how project management can help their enterprises perform better, more executives are looking for new ways to improve employee performance, customer service, and the quality of their management approach. This article examines the results of a benchmarking study completed by the engineering department within EG&G Idaho, a prime contractor at the US Department of Energy's Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL). In doing so, it overviews why EG&G conducted this study and how its engineering department identified the study's benchmarks. It defines the concept of benchmarking, identifies four types of benchmarks, and describes the benchmarks used in this study; it discusses the engineering department's approach to conducting this study, noting the particular functions and activities studied and the specific inputs they used to establish their particular set of qualitative and quantitative benchmarks. It also outlines the department's approach to choosing those competitors it benchmarked itself against. It then details the lessons the department learned about benchmarking and improving their benchmarking process.
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