Implementation project management

now that you bought it what do you do?

The presentations are over. The vendor pens, calendars and coffee cups have been distributed. Everyone is thrilled with the purchase of the brand new software package. It doesn't matter what functions the software serves. Could be HR, finance, payroll, help desk, sales management, whatever. All that matters is it is guaranteed to make the company more efficient and save money, all at the same time. And you have been selected to manage the implementation of this cross functional project. It is just what you were hoping for, another opportunity to excel. Welcome to a real life Dilbert cartoon. So what do you do? You can start by attending the `Implementation Project Management: Now That You Bought What Do You Do' presentation. Clear cut steps are going to demonstrate how you get the project moving, work with the vendor and establish the base of the implementation pyramid. By the time the session is over you will be ready to build your project team, determine expectations for today and tomorrow, capture requirem
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