Limerick Generating Station Unit 2

its stakeholder management

Limerick Generating Station Unit 2 is a nuclear plant in Pennsylvania (United States) which went into commercial operation in January of 1990, eight months ahead of schedule and $400 under budget. This article overviews this project, which was awarded the 1990 PMI Project of the Year Award. Construction of the plant was managed by Philadelphia Electric Company (PE), working with Bechtel Power Corporation and General Electric. Harmonious labor-management relations were governed by a project labor agreement with the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council that enabled work to be done safely, efficiently, and without strikes or delays. Part of this agreement was the Built-Rite Program, designed to save costs, improve communication and problem solving, and increase project safety and worker involvement. The project area coordinator (PAC) approach allowed the project to be divided into more manageable pieces. Other aspects of the project discussed include its aggressive scheduling, the establishment of pacing milestones for each management area, and successful teamwork.
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