Camden County municipal utilities program

a $600 million expansion without interruption of service

Much has been written about the ways project management helps project teams accomplish their goals. This article adds to this literature by discussing how project management practices and tools helped one project team successfully complete a $600 million wastewater expansion program owned and operated by the Camden County (New Jersey, USA) Municipal Utilities Authority. In doing so, it outlines the project’s history, its objectives, and its challenges. It also discusses the project management processes that enabled the project team to accomplish its goals while working with limited funding and stringent reporting requirements to state and federal government agencies as well as intensive project commitments to communicate regularly with all of the project’s stakeholders—owners, authorities, contractors, and the served Camden County community. It discusses the project team leader’s role, the project team’s assembly and management processes, and the project’s management practices and procedures. It also describes the impact of applying value engineering to the effort and explains the owner’s response to the project.
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